9 Creative Ways to Promote Your New Custom App

You spent a lot of time and resources planning your custom app development. You’ve built an exceptional product, and you want to ensure it’s a smashing hit in app stores. So, the last thing you want is for your new venture to fail due to a lack of promotion. As a general rule of thumb, you should spend just as much time promoting a product as you do creating it—and apps are no exception to this rule.

To ensure your app is a great success, use these creative promotional strategies.

1. Reach out to Influencers

Nowadays, social media is a powerful marketing tool. Though you could and should share information about your new app on your own channels, you’ll be able to reach a greater number of people by reaching out to influencers. Make connections with people in your field who have a large following online, and ask them to promote your new app.

2. Leverage Your Website

If you already have a mobile-friendly website, leverage it to promote your app. As with almost all digital marketing strategies, your website is a great asset. Create a pop-up page that shows up the moment someone enters your website that gives them the news of your new website. Make it easy for them to download it with a click, right from this page.

3. Share It in Emails

There are a couple ways you can leverage email to promote your app. You likely have a list of contacts who have shared their email addresses with you in exchange for content, because they signed up for your newsletter, or for another reason. Share the news of your new app with an e-blast to these existing customers. Make it easy for them to share the app download page with their friends and followers as well. You can also add a link to download the app to your email signature.

4. Make a Video

Get people excited about your new app by creating a demo video featuring everything your well-built and functional app has to offer. Then, share the video on social media and post it on your website and to YouTube.

5. Use Alternative App Stores

Though the App Store and Google Play may be your top app stores, there are many others out there that can increase the visibility of your app—and the downloads you’ll receive. Some alternative app stores to consider include Opera Mobile Store, SlideMe, Amazon Appstore, AppBran, GetJar, and AppsLib.

6. Submit Your App to Awards

If you have truly created a beautiful and functional app, consider submitting it for awards. From the Appy Awards to the Webby Awards, there are plenty of awards out there you can apply to. Getting nominated will give you significant exposure, enable you to get many reviews, and help you get more downloads.

7. Create a Great Icon

The last thing you want is for people to pass by your app in the app store because it wasn’t eye-catching enough. There are many apps in all categories these days that it can be hard to stand out. Creating a great icon will help entice people to stop and download.

8. Leverage App Store Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) will help your app be categorized in the right place and show up in searches related to the keywords you’ve used to describe your app. Using keyword research, make sure you’re optimizing your place in the app stores to get more downloads.

9. Pitch to App Review Sites

Find popular app review sites and pitch them your app for review. Include photos, a link to the app store download, a summary describing the application, and a promo code for a free download. Getting featured will help you capitalize on a website’s traffic to get more eyes on your app.

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