5 Ways to Utilize CRM for Real Estate Business

Real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software which helps real estate agents and others working in the real estate industry to manage and keep track of their customers and any information relating to their customers.

Because of the nature of real estate (people only buy houses so often) and because one of the most effective forms of advertisement for real estate is word of mouth, real estate CRM is a valuable tool. But why?

1. Find good leads

Real estate CRM is able to help real estate employees find new leads using methods such as accessing social media. It also offers the user the ability to analyze current leads for things like average age, average job type, average location, and other information to find out what your general demographic seems to be. In this way, you will be able to seek out leads within that same demographic – people who may share similar purchasing habits as the clients you already have. CRM connects to social media and helps keep data organized once collected.

2. Nurture your leads and clients

Because customer service is such an important part of real estate, real estate CRM can help employees keep in touch with clients. The CRM can keep track of important dates, like home-buying anniversaries, for example. It is then up to the real estate employee to reach out to the client. It let’s the client know that they are special and that the real estate agent hasn’t forgotten about them. They are then more likely to be return clients or tell a friend.

The same goes for leads, reaching out to them and asking if they are still looking, if they need help or any other question relevant to their case makes them feel like you were thinking about them and it will make them more likely to reach out when they are ready to buy.

3. Keep in touch with more people

Real estate CRM can help create automated communications that go out to your contacts. The best part is that you are able to put conditions on who receives these emails. It helps to ensure that your contacts are only receiving the communications that are the most relevant to them, and aren’t getting a bunch of random emails that they won’t connect with. Because of this feature and also the great organization that real estate CRM provides, real estate employees are better able to keep in touch with more contacts than ever before.

4. Stay organized

When was the last time you reached out to so-and-so? When is this client meeting? How many current clients do I have? Do I have time for more? These questions can all be answered using real estate CRM. It has a calendar which allows for excellent organization or time meaning you should never be late and will always know when and where you are going. It keeps track of communications that go out and come in. You can indicate when your last contact with a client was to make sure nobody feels neglected.

5. Give better customer service

With great organization and consistent communication, you will be regarded as offering a high standard of customer service. By being hyper organized, you will look consistently calm and collected with your clients – never rushing around. You will look considerate for reaching out and keeping in touch with potential, current, and past clients. All this will give you an air of professionalism, and will give you an edge over competition. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement, so you’re doing yourself a big favour by getting in the good books of your past and current clients.

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