5 Washing and Cleaning Guidelines for Mascot Costumes

A lot of companies are employing mascots to represent, promote, and build awareness for their brand. Those who are wearing the mascot costume need to know how to properly maintain the outfit. Otherwise, without the correct method of maintenance, you can reduce the life.

Do you want to keep it clean and pristine that looks great and lasts a long period of time?

Here are five tips for keeping your mascot costume clean:

1. Know the Brand

First, you should know what type of mascot costume you have. Read the label to know the type of fabric and instructions on care. All mascot costumes are different, and you simply can’t put all of them in a laundry machine and expect them to look great. If there is no label or instructions on cleaning, Google it or call the manufacturer. Or if everything fails, speak to a professional dry cleaner as they usually know the ins and outs of cleaning most clothes and costumes.

2. Are You Aware of the Foam?

The majority of mascot costumes have foam inside the lining. The foam provides the shape and structure. But foam tends to be stiff, and you simply can’t put foam costumes into a laundry machine because you will ruin them. Most costumes with foam need to be hand-washed with warm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents.

All you need to do is just gentle brushing with a mild detergent, which should do the trick. You may have to use a vacuum to suck the dust and dirt particles out of the foam before washing. If the foam has stained, you may have to soak it in water or use a stain remover.

Once the foam is clean, you need to air dry it.

3. Please, Don’t Dry Clean

Never dry clean.

In general, mascot costumes should not be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning involves the use of many chemicals as well as very hot or very cold water. This can damage the costume. In most cases, the label on the costume will clearly state that the costume should not be dry cleaned therefore make sure you heed this advice otherwise your mascot costume will be spoiled.

Once the costume has been washed, you need to hang it and let it air dry. Do not put it in a dryer or use a heater or fan to dry the costume as this will cause the colors to fade. The costume could also shrink in a dryer. Air drying may take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours depending on the amount of foam, but it’s worth it because your costume’s life will be sustained.

In the end, don’t hover over it. Just hang the costume and wait until it’s dry.

4. Disinfect All the Time

Because mascot costumes are not worn all year round, they can acquire a rusty smell and develop mold in the foamy area. If that happens, you may need to disinfect it.

How can you achieve this?

It’s simple enough: Use a mild disinfectant like dilute alcohol or hydrogen peroxide spray. You should only use a small amount each time; after disinfection, let the costume sit out in the air for a few hours to let the odour disappear.

5. Storage is Key to Preservation

If you want to preserve your mascot costume, you need to store it properly. After cleaning and air drying, keep the costume under a loose plastic cover with holes to allow for ventilation. Then store it in an aerated cupboard on a hanger. Do not just crumple the costume and put it in a box because when you get it out the next time, it will be ruined.

Most people buy mascot costumes with great interest, but if you want to sustain the life of your costume, you must maintain it properly. The above-mentioned tips should ensure your costume is not only stored properly but also smells nice and looks good when you take it out the next time you need to wear it.

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