5 Recycling Guidelines for Home and the Workplace

Recycling is an easy and effective way to help save the planet, reduce clutter in your home or workplace, and set a good example for those around you. In today’s green-minded culture, recycling bins are a must-have for a modern family or conscientious business environment.

1. An easy way to stay organized

A recycling bin essentially gives you a dedicated receptacle at your house or in your workplace to collect recyclables until they are ready to be picked up by a reprocessing service. Before you get started, you should do a little research because it depends on your local law and regulations if you need to separate multi streams of recyclables or that you can collect all types of materials in one container (single stream). This means that some households only need one trash can for recyclables, others need multi compartments for each material.

2. Cut back on clutter and get your space back

Many people have the intention to recycle things, but without the proper means for disposing of and storing them, recyclable goods often end up accumulating in undesirable places, gathering dust, adding chaos to the space, and likely ending up in a garbage can. When you have a dedicated trash can for recycling there is no longer a need to store lose recyclables on counter tops or make a pile in one of your cabinets.

3. A system that works for everyone

By having a clearly distinguishable bin, your family or employees will know where to store recyclables. Although it might take a little getting used to, soon enough everyone will appreciate the increase in convenience and hygiene. The key to successful recycling is to make it as accessible as possible. You no longer need to drag bottles out to a garage or exterior space, you can have a recycling container right beside your kitchen trash bin. You can even add multiple bins, if you find you have the space and need for them.

4. Feel good about your environmentally friendly lifestyle

Having a recycling bin at home or at work isn’t only functional and convenient, perhaps most importantly, it also contributes to your environmental friendly lifestyle. By separating household trash and recycling you really show yourself and your family that you want to protect the earth by saving valuable natural resources and contribution to a cleaner and healthier environment. Recycling can also lead to a desire to want to learn about other green behavior and habits you can adopt to further your environmental efforts. It is also a way to educate family members and colleagues about the importance of taking care of our earth, and can even been a fun way to stimulate conversation and come up with other innovative recycling ideas.

5. A recycling bin that fits your needs

The most important thing to consider when selecting a recycling bin is finding the right one for your space and lifestyle. You want a bin that makes recycling easy, convenient and fun. You need to find a bin that is durable, works easily and is a joy to use each and every time you toss something into it. Recycling should be something fun to do, not something that annoys you. A well-built recycling trash can really contribute to the enjoyment of recycling at home with your family or at work with your colleagues. Find a recycling bin that is convenient to use, no flimsy foot pedals or lids that don’t close well. Also make sure you have the appropriate size for your needs, all these factors working together mean you will be motivated and your recycling efforts will be a success.

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