5 Divorce Tips to Make Your Separation Easier to Handle

Relationships are strained because of an affair. Families are torn apart over a dead relative’s estate. Children are ripped from their comfortable, cozy, and content homes.

This is what happens in family law. Attorneys that specialize in this field have seen and done it all. But the clients partaking in these ordeals are enduring much of the stress and headaches.

Is it even possible to limit the tumultuous roller coaster ride? Yes.

Here are five family law tips to make the ordeal easier to handle:

1. Avoiding the Courts with Three Alternatives

Family disputes can be bitter, mean, and downright nasty. When they are dragged through the legal system, the relationships between husband and wife, brother and sister, uncle and nephew quickly morph into a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) hardcore match.

This may be OK when it simply involves angry adults. But when children need to witness these contentious battles in person, then it can impact them on different levels.

With this in mind, it would be a great idea to avoid the courts by taking advantage of these three alternatives:

  • Arbitration: working with a neutral third-party.
  • Collaboration: working in four-way negotiations with both parties and attorneys.
  • Mediation: working with a neutral third-party to reach a voluntary settlement.

By taking these other routes, you won’t need to worry about perturbed behaviours.

2. Try to Minimize Legal Fees

The justice system may be blind, but it does take a lot of your money. Hiring a family lawyer, paying legal fees, missing work, spending money on transportation, and a whole host of other money-related factors can eat away at your wallet.

This alone can create a lot of stress for you and others. You should aim to minimize the costs.

But how can you do this exactly?

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Be candid with your lawyer and establish a game plan right away.
  • Try to resolve most of your issues directly with the other party.
  • Pick your battles and don’t extend the pain by quibbling over everything.
  • Jot down notes to avoid confusion, questions, and repeating the same discussion.

Believe it or not, but these measures can certainly leave more money in your pocket.

3. Settle by Making Compromises

If you reach a settlement once the legal claims are submitted, you can save a lot of time as well as money in court costs. However, a proper, just, and fair settlement can only be agreed upon if both sides make concessions and compromises. It’s all about compromising to settle as quickly as possible, otherwise you will refute and fight every single point.

Simply put: you need to be a responsible and thick-skinned person to reach a settlement.

4. Use Legal Technologies to Reduce Stress

You can dole out significant amounts of blood, sweat, and tears if you routinely pay visits to your attorney’s office or if you engage in in-person legal battles with the other side.

A simple trick that is becoming popular is utilizing technology to reduce the stress and cash.

But what kind of technology can you incorporate into your legal strategy? Email, telephone, video conferencing, and faxes are the more prevalent methods to navigate the system.

5. Don’t Use Lawyers for Emotional Support

It is easy to use your attorney as an emotional crutch. You’ll be seeing a lot of this professional for the next little while and you’re going through a lot of agony.

You may not even realize that you’re using your lawyer for emotional support. But it happens.

Moving forward, it is essential that you only maintain a professional relationship with your lawyer. You can’t call him or her in the middle of night crying. You can’t go out for lunch and air all of your grievances. You can’t sit in their office complaining about the family.

This is unfair to you and the lawyer. If you need to, book an appointment with a therapist.

There are no winners in family law, there are only losers. Sure, you may have gotten a greater portion of the estate, you may have been granted an incredible amount of alimony, or you may have given full custody of the children. Still, there is no winner in this affair because of all the stress, pain, and anguish you and your family went through. Indeed, there are plenty of things you can do from the very beginning to ensure you can reduce the emotional and mental torment.

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