6 Thailand Activities You Should Do As A Tourist

With ever-improving methods of travel have come ever more curious people to use them. Travelling is one of the most important parts of many people’s lives.

In fact, studies have shown that younger generations choose to travel before making big purchases like cars or homes. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Thailand tours are on the wish list and the check list for many travelers.

1. Experience the culture

One of the top reasons to visit another country is to experience the culture. Taking a tour in Thailand will give you the opportunity to experience the culture with other people like you, and have someone guide you through the experience and help you understand what you are seeing.

2. Test out the authentic cuisine

Especially if you are coming from a very different culture, like Canada, you may not know what authentic Thai food is like. Characterized as spicy but flavourful, Thai food will definitely open you up to a whole new set of aromas and tastes you have likely never experienced back home. A Thailand tour will ensure you get to test out the most authentic and the most tasty dishes.

One of the most amazing parts is that depending on the part of Thailand you are touring, you will likely find different dishes. They differ per region, and each region has its specialty.

3. Soak up the sun

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and its hot weather. With beaches all over, and very close to main hubs like Bangkok, you are sure to find one of these beautiful sandy spots with ease. Take a Thailand tour and you will be guided right to the good spots, and you may even get to go to one of the lesser-known beaches or harder to reach spots because you’ll have the knowledge of a guide to back you up. This way, you may find a less busy beach, and see something that not everybody gets to see.

4. View the beautiful temples

There are countless gorgeous temples in Thailand which you can visit to appreciate the colours and architecture. These temples are found throughout Thailand, and are often huge and very intricately designed buildings. These temples are Buddhist temples, and although similar to other Buddhist temples around the world, the architecture is unique in some ways.

Although it would be almost impossible not to see a temple while in Thailand (there are about 40,000 in total), visiting one of these temples will offer an incredibly unique experience that shouldn’t be missed. Some Thailand tours are dedicated to showing travelers many of these temples, while others will explore many other sights, including a couple of the temples.

5. Take in a dance performance

Dance is one of the most prominent forms of art in Thailand. There are two strains of Thai dancing – a more classical and a more folk-like dance. Khon, Lakhon, and Fon are three of the most popular traditional Thai dances. These dances are graceful and exciting to experience with the fluid movements of the dancers and their dazzling costumes. It’s truly an experience that is unique to Thailand and is one performance you won’t want to skip out on while touring Thailand.

6. Get a feel for the language

Linguaphiles gather ‘round! Thai is a musical language with tones and sounds you just don’t hear in English. For those interested in languages, you will be happy to hear the light, happy tones of the language all around you. But don’t worry if you don’t have a handle on the language just yet, it’s easy to get around in English, especially in the more touristy areas.

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