6 Essential Rentals to Plan the Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring is a wonderful time to get married. As the weather begins to warm, and nature wakes from it’s slumber once again, the scents and sights of fresh grass, blossoming flowers, and leafing trees is not only a welcome change from the cold, barren winter, but a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony.

Celebrating your nuptials during the time of rebirth adds a natural magic to the occasion. And as the season nears, it is important to get everything ready for your special moment now. Preparing for the big event as soon as possible will make sure you can get the venue, professionals, and equipment you need to make your occasion perfect.

Many mandatory fixtures are better rented from a retail company. Rather than spending unnecessarily on multiple products you will only use the one time, leasing them from a professional service will guarantee that you have everything you need without the hassles and cost of purchasing temporary furnishings.

If you are planning an outside ceremony, there are specific appliances you will need for your special event. These essential wedding event rentals include:

1. Chairs

First item on your must need list is comfortable seats for your guests. People will want to sit for the ceremony, and later for the dinner, but after your wedding, you will not need hundreds of folding chairs. Renting them from a service will guarantee that you have enough of the same style for all your guests during and after the I do’s.

2. Tables

Tables are needed for the meal, food service, wedding gifts, guest book, and other must-haves for your day. But, like the chairs, you will need several of the same make during your event, but after, they will just collect dust and take up space.

3. Tents

As wonderful as spring is, the weather can still be unpredictable and too cold to sit outside all day or during the evening. Tents will be needed to protect your company, so everyone can celebrate in the warmth and comfort of an interior room. Service tents are much larger than the standard variety and cumbersome to store. Temporary usage is a better option.

4. Stage

A portable stage is recommended to hold the ceremony and give a platform for everyone to dance on afterwards. The hard surface will provide protection from the spring thaw so the expensive clothing a footwear is protected.

5. Decorations

Decorations add a beautiful ambiance to the venue, but many features are not required after the service. Archways, standing vases, tulle, chair covers, table settings, lighting, and banners are just some of the wedding décor used to create a magical place for your vows. But once the night ends, the accessories are no longer required. Renting them is a much better option.

6. Audio Visual Equipment

Audio visual equipment is needed so everyone can hear the ceremony clearly, the speeches, and the music afterwards. The technology required for the performance is expensive but not when you lease the tools from a reputable source.

Spring is a magical season and great time of year to get married outside. Holding your important day under nature’s canopy adds a whole new level of romance to the special occasion. But out-of-doors ceremonies require furnishings and accessories to make the event a comfortable one.

Renting the needed pieces is more cost effective and easier than buying stuff you will only need once.

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