5 Simple Steps to Create a Custom Baseball Cap

Irrespective of your customers’ ages, baseball caps are highly popular. If you want your branded baseball caps to stand out, they cannot afford to be bland. They should share the qualities of your brand with the world—whether you’re bold, wild, or fun. They should feature your brand’s colours, your logo, and your company name. It’s never been easier to create promotional baseball hats.

You can create custom baseball caps by following this five-step process:

1. Pick a Baseball Cap

Once online, navigate to the relevant website and browse the various types of baseball caps on offer. Your journey to customizing a baseball cap for your brand starts with picking one. Select one that has the right dimensions to be sure it will fit the majority of your customers, employees, or prospects. You may also consider choosing a variety of sizes to better meet the needs of your customer base. Other options you’ll need to consider include the bill style, hat material, structure, and snapback.

2. Choose a Colour Scheme

This depends on your brand’s colours, style and personality. Choose from a variety of colours, but make sure the shades match those of your company’s colours. Since you are ordering your baseball cap online, just select your preferred colour combination and you can view an image of the cap just as it will be when you receive it.

3. Add an Image

While adding an image is optional, it is highly recommended. Ideally, you’ll want to brand the baseball cap with your company’s logo. To add an image, just upload the image to see how it sits on your cap. You can then adjust the dimensions of your image until you are satisfied with the final draft.

Always ensure that the uploaded image is of acceptable quality to avoid the disappointment of creating a baseball cap featuring a blurred image. You’ll likely be purchasing hundreds, if not thousands, of caps, so the last thing you want is thousands of blurry images.

4. Add Text

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s often a good idea to add your company name to the baseball hat. Having text alongside your logo can ensure customers remember your brand more effectively. You may also want to consider adding your website URL. Either way, the appropriate text printed in a font that stands out will make your baseball cap stand out. After uploading the image, you will be prompted to type in the text that you want to accompany it.

You should also select your desired font and size. Do not worry if you are not sure about the font—you can always try a few different types and change it as needed. If you have a specific font for your company name, but sure to use it to ensure consistency with your brand.

5. Get Your Corporate Credit Card Out

Before you hit the buy now button, go over your design once more. You can tweak the image, add or remove text, or even change the colours. Whatever you do, make sure that the final product is exactly what you want to buy on a mass scale. Once you are satisfied that the baseball cap on your screen is exactly what you want, it’s time to get your credit card out.

Custom baseball caps are ideal promo items, particularly to share with customers or employees in the summer. Not only will people love to receive this custom item, but they’re sure to wear it out in public, whether at the gym, at the park, or at the grocery store, where you’ll be able to increase your brand awareness immensely.

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