4 Gardening Tricks to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

There may be times you will receive a flower delivery from someone on a special occasion and let’s face it, that is always a nice thing isn’t it? Flowers are beautiful, especially if there are many colours involved. Even if they are just one colour, they are still absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately, they don’t last forever, but it would be nice if they would last longer than normal. Well, you can certainly do that, so let’s have a look at some tips to keep your cut flowers as fresh as possible for as long as possible to enjoy its beauty.

1. Hand-Tied Bouquet

Whoa! You better move fast on this one! Whenever you receive a hand-tied bouquet, you have to get them into water as quickly as you can. However, before you do that, you need to remove any foliage or leaves that are going to be submerged into the water first. There’s a science to everything! You do this because of erosion. The problem is, if you don’t remove it, the water will make the leaves deteriorate and this will cause bacteria in the water. The contaminated water will also be sucked up by the stems and ruin the flowers much quicker.

2. Use A Spacious Vase

After you get rid of all the foliage, it’s time to place it in a vase. If you can, use a vase that won’t cramp the stems and bruise them. A vase that has ample space is ideal, otherwise, the fact that they are cramped below can cause some bruising and if this happens, those beautiful flowers will not last very long.

3. Use Room Temperature Water

As you already know, these things are really delicate, so the best water to use in the vase is room temperature water, or lukewarm. Cold water will shock the flowers and don’t even think of using hot water! Room temperature is the best. You need to make sure that you fill the vase with enough water. Some flowers drink a lot of water, especially hollow-stemmed flowers. There will also be a sachet of powdered flower food, so don’t forget to add that to the water! This is an important part of the whole ritual as these nutrients will help ensure the longevity of your fresh cut flowers.

4. Angular Cuts

When you cut the stems, make sure to cut them at an extreme angle as this provides a greater surface area to allow the flower to drink. Cutting it straight will cause the flowers to decline rapidly because there is less surface area and also they will lay flat at the bottom and in essence, suffocating it. Also, make sure that what you use to make these cuts is nice and sharp, otherwise, there may be some crushing of the stem and they won’t be able to absorb as well and they will wilt sooner.

Make sure to change the water every couple of days and add some of the nutrients as well, if you have any. If you don’t change the water, bacteria will start the decomposition process and you really want to stall that as long as possible. This way, your cut flowers will last for as long as possible as you enjoy its beauty.

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