3 Shopping Guidelines About Buying a Leather Wallet

You have been thinking about buying yourself a nice wallet for some time now because your current one is held together by two threads. You happen to be in a store and your wife pokes you in the side and you buy one that caught your eye. Perhaps you have been searching online for a wallet and you take in all the top brands and what’s in vogue and decided to purchase one.

However, you did not check anything that would indicate its quality. When buying a luxury wallet, this has to be the main consideration. Let’s take a closer look at other things you need to know to help you make the right decision.

1. Material

If you are going to buy a luxury leather wallet, you should place some effort into making a good decision. After all, they don’t come cheap and you are going to be carrying it with you every day. The best wallets are almost always made of leather of which there are different kinds, but arguably, the two best ones are cow leather and alligator skin. Calfskin leather has a much more luxurious feel to it and it is advisable to get one made out of calfskin and not cow leather. As for wallets made from alligator skin, it is easily identifiable due to its distinct pattern.

However, the one thing you need to be cautious of is that there are many fake versions out there, so don’t buy it on some street corner and pay $200 for it!

2. Cotton

Wallets made out of fabric have increased in the market and in popularity. Some high-end fashion designers also make and sell these. It may not be as appealing, but the more you know about it, the more it will grow on you, so perhaps it is also a bit of an acquired taste. The good thing about these wallets is that they can come in all kinds of colours and you can coordinate it with what you are wearing.

The only drawback with cotton wallets is that they are not as durable as leather wallets. The more you pull it in and out of your pocket, the more it will wear down. One answer to that is to stop wearing tight jeans!

3. Synthetic Wallets

Synthetic wallets can be pretty fascinating and versatile because they can pretty much mimic leather or cotton wallets. They can be made from a wide variety of materials. Here’s an interesting tidbit on synthetic wallets; some of them are actually made from old tires and seat belts!

One word of advice on synthetic wallets though; if you are to get one, it would be better if it was only for a casual environment because they do not come close to either genuine leather wallets or even cotton ones.

There are other wallets to consider such as passport wallets, travel wallets, slim wallets and long wallets. If you do get a leather wallet, you can’t go wrong with brown or black can you? Don’t get a wallet with a zip, as these tend to be for the ladies. Make sure to do some research, especially when buying a leather wallet. Don’t make any spur of the moment decisions.

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