How to Catch Your Wife Is Cheating on Social Media

Being married is a wonderful thing. You get to share your life with one person who knows everything about you and you are only intimate with them. This is what marriage is for. If you want to have multiple sex partners then you shouldn’t get married.

What about if you are married and you suspect that your wife is cheating? How can you know for sure? You may need the help of a private investigator to catch your cheating spouse, or you can try a few steps yourself. Let’s go over some of the ways on how to catch your wife is cheating on social media:

1. See if your wife’s behaviour changed around you.

When you met your wife, it was probably very physical. Kissing, touching and sex happened all the time. As you fell in love and got married, your intimacy continued while you got to know what each other liked. You wanted to please each other because you are in love.

Have things changed? If your wife is not interested in sex anymore and is distant, that could mean she is cheating. She may be more critical of you or you are fighting all the time. If she pays you little attention and turns to her phone all the time you need to find out what is going on with her.

2. Check your wife’s phone.

Does your wife always carry her phone with her, room to room? Does she make sure it’s locked at all times? When the opportunity presents itself, get onto her phone and set up your own thumbprint id. That way, you will be able to check out her social apps when she thinks the phone is locked.

3. Check your wife’s social media messages.

This is where her cheating conversations will live. Find a time when you can access the phone and go through various apps like SnapChat, Instagram others. There are dating apps she may be using so check all her folders. If you can find intimate conversations between her and another man then she is caught red handed.

4. Look for pictures or audio files.

If she is sending naked photos to people you can usually find them on her apps. There are ways to make them hidden and you would have to know the password to gain access. This is a devastating thing to find but will provide the evidence you are looking for.

5. Open the trash folder.

Your wife may be pretty savvy when it comes to hiding her secret affair and she may be deleting photos and messages that she gets. Sometimes even though she has sent things to the trash, she may not have emptied it. Look for any evidence you can find.

6. Look up conspicuous friends on social media.

In her messaging apps she may be talking to another man. If it seems innocent, copy his name and look into him with your own computer. Check out his profile on various apps to see if he has posted any pictures of himself and your wife.

Also, check his posts to see if she likes and comments on them. This shows real interest in someone when you take the time to do this. While this may not be direct evident of an affair it certainly shows she spends time interacting with him way too much.

7. Use an alias to communicate with her online.

If your wife uses chat rooms and forums to meet guys you can create a fake profile and contact her. Try flirting and see how far you can get. If she is on the hunt she may start up an intimate conversation with you. If she crosses the line to flirting sexually, you have your answer.

8. Install a GPS tracker on her phone.

There are software trackers that can easily follow her phone and it will allow you to see where she goes. If she is lying about her whereabouts you can investigate further. It may seem extreme but you can even follow her to catch her in the act.

9. Hire a private investigator.

This is a big step and one that costs money. If you truly think your wife is cheating online then she will ultimately meet up with her new friend and have physical contact. A professional investigator has the tools and skillset to observe and track your wife’s movements. They can also track her activity online. There are limits to what they can legally do but working together with the can help you put the pieces together and prove infidelity.

Discovering a cheating spouse is never easy. In fact, it’s devastating. What is worse is not knowing and having in carry on for years. If you suspect that your wife is cheating on social media, use these tips and tricks so obtain the proof you need to confront her. When you have evidence, she can’t deny it and then you can resolve this issue and have peace in your life.

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