9 Guidelines to Find a Dance Class for Your Child

Do you want to harness your child’s seemingly boundless energy into a positive and constructive undertaking? Then consider enrolling them in a dance class.

Dancing improves the health and confidence of a child. However, getting the right dance class for your child is very important. Below are a few tips on how you can go about choosing the ideal dance class for your vibrant child.

1. Establish What Kind of Dancer Your Child Is

What dancing styles does your child appear to enjoy? Establishing what dancing style your child enjoys will guide you in looking for the appropriate dance class for them. Whether your child enjoys rap or ballet, you will find the right dance class for them. Always ask about the various dance forms a certain school offers. These could range from tap, jazz, and ballet, etc.

2. Involve Your Child in Your Dance School Hunt

Don’t leave your child behind when looking for a dance school. Always remember it’s your child you want to take to a dance school, not you. You may love classical dance, such as ballet, but your child may be interested in a completely different form of dance. However, the child’s appreciation of dance may not be adequately developed. In such a scenario, let your child be exposed to different dance forms and then allow them to choose which form appeals to them most.

3. The Instructor

Knowing a little bit about the dance school’s history and the credentials of the instructors is important. The instructor should have requisite training and performance experience. They should also be adequately trained in dance. However, all the experience and training in the world won’t help if an instructor is not patient, caring, and adequately disciplined to train your child.

4. The Dance Class Size

The fewer the pupils in a class, the better. It is important that your child gets enough personalized instructor attention, which is not possible with a large class. This results in a low-quality learning experience. Having the right ratio of teacher-to-child attention is especially important for preschool children. Ideally, for children aged 6 years and above, a class of 10 to 12 is recommended. It’s even better if there are fewer students since they will have adequate dance space to practice the dance form.

5. The Training Style

Find out what the philosophy and the training style of the school is. Is the school overly conscious about the dance technique, or does it use a laid-back, casual approach to dancing? Whatever their training style, make sure that the training provided is of the required standard.

6. Ask Around

Ask for references from parents, friends, neighbours, and colleagues who have taken their children to dance schools. The information you are likely to get from them will be highly valuable.

7. Check the School’s Facilities

Inspect the facilities to ensure that the dance studio is spacious enough for the expected class size. The ceiling should be high enough and also feature large mirrors along the studio walls. For a studio focusing on ballet classes, it should feature two or three strong bars.

8. The Location

Depending on the age of your child, this is an important consideration. Is the class located in the neighbourhood or do you have to walk a few blocks? How will this affect your child’s play and school times?

9. The Cost

Once you are satisfied that the school has the right history, that the instructors are adequately trained and properly experienced, the last item on your list should be the cost. Ask about the fees, equipment cost, if any, and any other expenses. Add these up and then choose the appropriate class.

Selecting the ideal dance school for your child is not too hard if you ask the right questions.

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