5 Ways to Cope With Fertility Treatments

Infertility can be a stressful issue for any couple. Whether the man is infertile or the woman is having difficulties with her eggs, it is important to remember that it is a matter that both of you need to tackle – the blame game will never be a successful course of action.

Unfortunately, the infertility rate in Canada has climbed to nearly 16%, and it is only worsening. There is a myriad of factors: women trying to conceive later in life, the man’s lifestyle choices, not enough sexual intercourse. It is hard to pinpoint an exact cause, but we do know that Canadian-born couples are unable to have as many kids as past generations.

Thankfully, there are many fertility treatment options to increase your chances of conceiving a beautiful baby boy, a lovely baby girl, or even a bundle of joy: twins!

However, you should not expect an instant miracle, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for disappointment, and hardship moving forward. By taking it slow, not demanding too much, and believing in yourself and your partner, your treatment can be a success.

Here are five ways to cope when experiencing fertility treatments:

1. Identify What Treatment You Want to Use

In recent years, the medical community has not only developed a plethora of medical treatments, they have advanced them, too. Everything from intrauterine insemination (IUI) to in vitro fertilization (IVF), patients have many options to select to have a child. And their success rates are only increasing year after year.

2. Join a Support Group

For some, fertility treatments can be long, arduous processes that imbibe a lot of your time and energy. It can be overwhelming to continually visit a healthcare clinic for consultations, tests, bloodwork, treatments, and the list goes on – if the first session doesn’t work, then you need to go through the whole ordeal all over again.

Moreover, it can put pressure on you or your partner: what’s wrong? Why isn’t it working?

But you need to realize one thing: you’re not alone. You are not the only person in the country to be enduring difficulties conceiving.

With this in mind, it would be prudent to seek out a support group. These groups lend each other support, and it gives you the peace of mind that you’re not the only individual suffering. It provides excellent relief.

3. Take This Opportunity to Improve Your Life

Fertility treatment can take anywhere from a couple of months to an entire year. With so much time available to you, why not take the opportunity to improve your life?

Quitting smoking. Limiting your alcohol intake. Exercising more. Eating right. There are many things you can do until you get pregnant that can ensure you’re healthy.

Better yet, why not take this plunge with your significant other?

4. Distract Yourself from the Process

When you’re trying to have children, the only thing you’re focusing on is conception. This can raise your blood pressure, keep you up at night, fight with your spouse, and cause sadness.

The solution – other than getting pregnant – is to distract yourself from the entire process: trying to conceive, going through fertility treatments, and wishing to have a family.

What are your interests? What are your hobbies? What about your career?

Distraction is the key to navigate and survive fertility treatments.

Plus, when you actually conceive, you’ll be spending much of your free time researching on trimesters, what your baby needs, how you can properly take care of your child, and much more.

5. Be Grateful You Now Have a Chance

Once you are told that there is nothing wrong with you, or your partner, and that a simple treatment may get you through the next hurdle, you should be relieved. Also, you should be grateful that you now have a higher chance of conceiving thanks to these treatments.

Perhaps you just needed an extra egg. Perhaps your spouse needed a boost to their sperm. Perhaps it was just luck that was impacting your attempts to conceive.

Whatever the case, thanks to the wide variety of fertility treatments, you should be grateful that you could be a parent a year from now. Write it down, tell yourself every day, pay it forward.

How ever you practice gratitude, just be sure you exhibit it genuinely.

Infertility can create friction between two people. Infertility can make you feel inept, weak, and abnormal. Infertility can send you into a deep depression. Let’s face it: having children is an inherent trait inside all of us, which is why we can feel such deep sadness when it doesn’t occur.

Because fertility treatments are ubiquitous and advanced, couples can now achieve their dream of having a boy, a girl, twins, or triplets (gasp!). It is all about patience, remaining positive, and avoiding considerable stress.

In the end, these are characteristics you will need when your baby cries at 2 a.m.

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