9 Tools and Supplies You’ll Need to Repair Your Roof

Have you noticed an irregularity with your home, which you think might be related to your roof? Things like mould on your ceiling or a leak? The reason could perhaps be that you need to replace some shingles. There might have been some damage to your roof due to weather conditions or animals. Whatever it is, you can certainly try and repair your own roof if you consider yourself handy. It could be a DIY project you would definitely be proud to accomplish.

If you are planning to take on the task of repairing your roof shingles for the first time, make sure you do all the research possible to ensure you are learning the appropriate methods and managing the project effectively. It is important to know exactly how to repair your shingle roof and have all the necessary tools and supplies. You don’t want to make mistakes as this can lead to bigger problems with your home in the long run. Removing and repairing shingles is not an easy undertaking, so the appropriate tools will ensure you are properly taking out the shingles and nails before replacing them.

It is a dangerous job, so be really careful. Look for sources providing guides to make the task as simple and efficient for yourself as possible. An added tip: Do not do it alone. Get yourself a DIY partner to keep the ladder steady or help with heavy supplies.

Here are some tools and supplies you’ll need.

1. A Ladder

This is necessary to get up onto the roof. Make sure you set the ladder up properly so as to not have it fall while you’re still up on the roof.

2. Protective Gear

You can never be too careful when working on your roof. Invest in a safety kit, including a safety harness or rope to strap yourself into.

3. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a more popular option. They can be purchased at a reasonable cost, they last longer, and they look great. However, there are other types of shingles available as well, differing not only in material but also in aesthetic. For example, there are shingles that are heavier in weight, those that are laminated or matte, shingles that contain a rubber material, and so on.

If you are uncertain which ones you should purchase, speak to roofing professionals or the shingle suppliers for recommendations.

4. Crowbar or Pry Bar

These tools are used to remove sealant strips around the shingles. Use a crowbar to easily loosen and remove nails as well.

5. Roofing Nails

If you’re unsure of the type of nails you need to pair with the shingles, refer to a roofing guide.

6. Roofing Hammer

If a hammer doesn’t work as well as you want it to, get a hardier power tool to secure the shingles.

7. Ice and Water Protector

You want to make sure your replaced shingles stay in good condition and leaks don’t recur. Apply an ice and water protector under your shingled roof to increase the resistance of your roof and prevent damage from strong weather conditions.

8. Sealant

Sealant is used around any open space between shingles to prevent water from seeping through and, ultimately, into the house. It is also applied around roof vents and any other areas on the roof to fill gaps and provide further resistance against harsh weather and curious animals.

9. Tarp

You want to purchase a protector that you can put over your roof in the event of rain. Shingles cannot be laid out if the roof is wet, so you want to take care to make sure the roof is covered well when you are not working.

Of course, you can always hire professional roofers to take on this roofing project and ensure it’s completed correctly.

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