9 Professional Home Staging Tasks You Can Do Yourself

When you are getting ready to put your home on the market to sell, presentation and preparation can help you sell faster and to get a higher price. Curb appeal is important, but the interior of your home is the biggest selling feature.

The process of home staging doesn’t have to be a drawn-out and expensive process; if your house is in good shape otherwise, you just want potential buyers to be able to see themselves in the home. Reducing clutter, taking away personal items, and neutral colours throughout can make your home more appealing. Here are some ways you can stage your home using some tips from professional home stagers.

1. Crisp White Towels

The best way to stage a bathroom is with monochromatic colours. White towels create a spa-like atmosphere and make the room seem clean and fresh.

2. Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors add style to a room while also making the room seem more open, less cramped, and brighter. This works even on small rooms.

3. Replace Window Treatments

Heavy, outdated drapes make a home feel old. Get rid of those ones and opt for something more modern and light-weight. Simple window coverings that go from floor-to-ceiling make the room look more open and larger. To get a breezy look, hang the curtains from the ceiling instead of at the top of the window frame. If weather permits, open the windows for the showing.

4. De-Personalize

Yes, you spent a lot of time and money making your home yours, but when you’re trying to sell, you have to realize that not everyone has the same tastes as your family. Take out everyone’s clutter and personal photos. The main idea here is to make a potential buyer be able to imagine themselves living inside the house.

5. Replace Rugs

A proper-sized rug can pull the room together and make the space feel larger. Choose rugs that fit your furniture and your home. Don’t go too small; for a living room rug, pick one that will allow the front legs of the chairs or couch to touch it.

6. Deep Clean

No one wants to look through a home that has gouged or scuffed walls, or a dirty bathroom. Go through every room in your house and do a deep clean. Just be careful not to overdo it with scented cleaners. Make sure you have enough time to air out the house before the showing, and make a batch of brownies or cookies and leave them on the counter for prospective buyers to enjoy.

7. Reorganize Bookshelves

While you go through and deep clean the house, don’t forget the bookshelves. Remove at least a quarter of the books, and then re-arrange what remains so that some are stacked horizontally and some are vertical. You can put a few curios or trinkets on the shelves to works as accents that will add character without imposing a personality on the room.

8. Curb Appeal

While the interior of the home is the most important, curb appeal counts, too! Stand at the road and see what you can improve. If your front door is old, give it some new paint and maybe some new house numbers. Cut and weed the lawn on a regular basis, and add any plantings where they are needed.

9. Get Another Opinion

Have a neutral party go over your house as if they were a prospective buyer. Things you might miss because you are accustomed to them will get noticed by a third-party person. Think strange smells, scrapes, scuffs, or dirty walls; you want to address anything that might turn off a prospective buyer.

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