9 Indoor Activities for Dogs and Puppies

When the weather is poor or you already went for a walk, but your dog is still full of energy, you may start to scratch your head as to what activities you should do with them. As you probably know, you’re a very important person to your dog as their owner. A lot of their entertainment comes directly from you whether it’s chilling out on the couch or going for a long walk.

Fortunately, there are many fun indoor activities to keep your dog entertained and happy while indoors. As there are a lot of indoor activities for dogs, hopefully your pup doesn’t get bored of these fun games all too fast!

Below are nine possible indoor activities for dogs:

1. Tug of War

Playing tug of war exercises your dog’s mind and body. Not only that, this is a great indoor activity to bond with your dog. Tug of war doesn’t take a lot of space either making it ideal as an indoor activity.

Many are concerned that playing tug of war with your dog will make them aggressive and letting them win will make them dominant. This is simply not true, in fact, studies have shown that it actually makes dogs more obedient and boosts their confidence. Since there’s no need to worry about the bad stuff, start tugging away!

2. Hide and Seek

Who said hide and seek was only for people? It’s simply not true! Of course, this game works best when you have a big house to hide in. Ask a friend to help you out while you hide if your dog doesn’t have a good stay command.

3. Grooming Activities

Not all dogs love to be groomed, but sometimes it is a necessary evil. As you likely already know, dogs need to be brushed and bathed. They also need their teeth brushed and nails trimmed every now and again.

If your dog has challenges during grooming activities, use ample treats and positive reinforcement. It is important for dogs to have positive attitudes when it comes to grooming.

4. Doggie Massages

Just like people, dogs are relaxed and soothed by massages. Dogs suffering from conditions such as arthritis, old age or sore joints particularly benefit from massages. In addition, dogs experience minimized anxiety, relieved stress and improved circulation from massages.

It may take a while for you to learn what works for your dog when it comes to massages, YouTube and Google are your friends here! Also look up relaxation protocols for dogs if you have trouble getting your dog to settle down for a massage

5. Doggy Play Date

Have friends with dogs? Set up an indoor doggy play date! It’s important for dogs to interact with other dogs from time to time. A big advantage is your dog will be tired out by the end of the playdate and you can get some chores and errands done while your dog is busy.

6. Shell Game

To play this indoor game, place a treat under one of three cups, shuffle them in front of your dog’s eyes and let them pick one of the cups. Of course, the objective is to pick the cup with the treat under it. Let’s see how smart your dog really is!

This game is great for dogs because it helps them stimulate their mind and work on their problem solving skills. Cats are particularly good at this game, can your dog beat them?

7. Teach Your Dog to Clean Up Their Toys

If you have a lot of dog toys, you likely have a container that you store them in when your dog isn’t using the toys. It is quite a mundane task to clean them up, why not teach your dog to do it themselves? You’ll never trip over a chew toy again!

To train your dog to clean up their toys, first teach them to learn the words “drop it”. Once they know that, say the words “drop it” when they’re near the container. Be sure to praise them like crazy and repeat the cycle. Practice makes perfect!

8. Find the Treats Game

The game is simple: scatter treats and snacks for your dog around your home and let him or her find them! Use a combination of treats and veggies to make the game more fun for your dog. Alternatively, you could use toys instead of treats too.

The added benefit of this game is it will tire out your dog quickly. Dogs use their nose to gather information which means activities where they use their nose tire them out mentally. It is good for dogs to use their nose too because it strengthens their natural skills.

9. Snuggle and Relax

When all else fails, snuggle up with your dog, sit back and relax! Consider reading a book or putting on a movie for moments like these. Dogs need time to unwind just like we do.

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