8 Best Neutral Colors for Calm and Relaxing Homes

It’s not the seventies anymore. Wild and wacky patterns of starkly contrasting colors have fallen out of style among consumers. Today, people find themselves more attracted to neutral colors. The subtler and more natural look can really add some class to any home or piece or art. Having a neutral backdrop allows decorating choices to really pop and become the focus of your guests.

Bold design elements that might have seemed tacky under other circumstances can seem daring in surrounded by neutral colors. Here are some of the best neutral paint colors when painting a house:

1. Chantilly Lace

Off-white paints are a staple of modern home design. The colors work with a wide variety of decorating styles and tastes. Chantilly Lace can help make a room seem larger than it actually is. The color is certainly richer than a pure white, but softer than grey. It also presents a very clean looking environment and sets a welcoming tone for guests.

Some might think that such a room would look cold, but most who have tried the find that the opposite is true. The cozy atmosphere created gives everyone in the room a certain air of contentment, and this is one of the best neutral paint colors available.

2. Bitter Chocolate

Brown is one of the most common neutral colors, seeming very natural as it is the color of the wood. Any types of brown are the best neutral paint colors, but certain browns radiate warmth more than others.

Bitter Chocolate is a very warm brown perfectly suited for settings or pieces that might be improved by some wood accents. Bitter Chocolate is also a very versatile color, as it can support a wide variety of color pallets from the very warm to the exceedingly cool. The color is very subtle, never drawing too much attention to itself. It really allows home furnishings to speak for themselves, unhindered by a limelight stealing paint.

3. Halo

This color is known as one of the best neutral paint colors because it presents a very unique and interesting atmosphere to any room. Halo rides the line between warm and cool, and is capable of supporting decorating in either style. The ethereal, hazy, light beige can seem to take on the colors of the room décor akin to a chameleon.

This quality allows the color to blend in and accent any home furnishing style you might have. The undertones of the color really serve to help bring out the natural colors of the room, a very simple paint to implement into your home decorating.

4. Red Neutral

A simple, earthy red might seem bold and surprising but it can actually be very neutral. The color is very much like the vibrant reds that we find in pre-Columbian North American art, such as with the Aztecs and Mayans. This color can really warm up a room, supplementing the natural warmth of your home décor.

A very unique paint color in and of itself, guests will definitely enjoy seeing something they haven’t before. Perfect for entryways, a neutral red sets a warm and welcoming atmosphere will naturally draw guests further into the house.

5. Green Neutral

A neutral green can serve as an outstanding asset in any home decoration project. Something of a green and tan mixture, the dulcet tone of this paint can make any space within your home exceedingly cozy. The color is perfect for a wide-open and sun-lit living room. Some might find it reminiscent of a very faint seafoam, although certainly with other accents.

The interesting and unique Green Neutral hue can really define the tone for a room, accentuating many different types of furniture and décor. This subtle green will put any inhabitants at ease and inspire welcome vibes.

6. Seared Gray

When people hear the term ‘neutral paint color’, they almost immediately begin thinking of very pale tones, subtle off-whites and beiges, or possibly a very washed out green or blue. This doesn’t have to be the case. Seared Grey is a deep shade of charcoal that provides a fantastically natural backdrop to a home.

This color is best used with a cool pallet of home décor. It especially goes well with white accents. Seared Grey provides a wonderful contrast with white crown mouldings or wainscoting. It also works well with metallic colors, specifically a bright silver.

7. Watery

Watery is a lovely shade of neutral blue. This pale blue is suitable for a wide variety of different applications that any other neutral paint would be used in. Akin to a more subdued baby-blue, this color gives a comfortable country atmosphere to any room. It pairs magnificently with dark-stained wooden furniture and accents, providing a stark yet subtle contrast. The distinctive blue hue is sure to set it apart from other neutral colors.

8. Mocha Foam

Mocha really is one of the most fundamental of the common neutral paint colors. It’s one of the best neutral paint colors for those who want something that stands out just a little more, sort of like a half-neutral. The tone is very strong for a neutral cover, offering significant presence.

The color also avoids any pink or green undertones common in neutrals, establishing a very firm image. It can pair with warm or cool accents and décor, and is very versatile. The strong presence of Mocha Foam helps it assert itself more, so it doesn’t have to be matched with any particular style.

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