7 Furniture Arrangement Ideas for New Homes

Congratulations on your new home! We hope you will be happy on your purchase and that nothing but warm, loving memories will fill each nook and cranny of your property. Everyone deserves to be happy in their humble abode, their living quarters, their fortress of solitude.

Buying a new home can be a very exciting time for most people, especially the thought of decorating and arranging everything in your new place. An important thing to remember when thinking about furniture arrangement ideas for your new home is that there is no right or wrong way.

Indeed, you would want to make your new home look nice and appealing. But not all of us are Martha Stewart who can turn a trash can into a nice furniture piece. So, unsure how to decorate? Here are seven furniture arrangement ideas that could make a difference:

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

Before you start buying new furniture or arranging the furniture you already have, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the clutter. Impossible, you say? We beg to differ!

Throw away all the junk that you are not going to use or have never used. Presence of clutter will never make your home look nice no matter how you arrange the furniture. It is very true that many times when we move to a new place, we tend to take along many things from our previous home, which we rarely ever used. A new home is a perfect opportunity to get rid of things you barely use.

This step will make any of your furniture staging or arrangement ideas much easier to implement.

2. Maximize Functionality is the Goal

Another factor to consider when arranging the furniture is how you intend to use those pieces and how they utilize the space. For example, you may place an L-shaped couch facing the window, but if you have a TV installer on the wall, the entire set-up will be impractical and inconvenient. Use the furniture appropriately so that it looks nice and also meets your needs and serves its purpose.

3. Let the Traffic Go By

Many people arrange furniture without considering the flow of traffic. This does not mean you will have cars running around in your new home. It simply means that the furniture should be arranged in a way that it is easy to move around for the people living in that home as well as friends and family members who visit.

For example, if you place two symmetrical sofas and one large ottoman in one room, it may obstruct the flow of traffic. These furniture arrangement ideas are something that you should always consider. Allow at least four feet between the furniture so that people can walk by without bumping into the furniture or each other.

4. Strike the Right Balance

No matter what your personal preferences may be, you need to find a balance in the arrangement:

  • Match the colour of the furniture to the wall colour and other items in the room.
  • Do not buy all the furniture of the same colour.
  • Think about different sizes, contrast, and styles.
  • If you have a large sofa set, add small lamps at the side.

This is how you strike the right balance with your furniture arrangement ideas.

5. What Items Do You Intend to Use?

Some people simply go and buy the latest ottoman or a cozy armchair, place it one corner and never sit in it. This is a complete waste of space and money. If you are going to put any furniture in the room, utilize it. Do not make a museum out of your home. Also, place the armchair in a place where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or watch TV. Try and have another buddy chair so that two individuals can sit and converse in the same room.

6. Develop Zones Across the Home

To make the furniture look appealing, create different zones. For example, if you have a rocking chair, having a rug under it makes sense. If you have a sofa, having a small side table for a lamp or your coffee mug makes sense. If you have installed a new chandelier; having a dining table underneath, it makes perfect sense. Create such zones for every room so that they are recognizable by the furniture.

7. Do You Suffer from Wall Mania?

Here is something that is an alien concept to most people – homeowners and renters: Not all furniture needs to be pushed next to the wall. In some cases, furniture may look great away from the walls. Try giving your armchair at least two feet of breathing room to create an illusion of space.

When implementing furniture arrangement ideas, pay attention to where you place the items. Anything which is too low or too high may stand out of place. Install items at a level where they can be seen, and you won’t knock them over. The best way to learn how to arrange furniture is to experiment a few times and eventually you will get it right.

But the important thing is to enjoy this task as it is not every day that you move to a new home. You just need to remember to make the most of it, have fun with your family, exchange ideas, and create a place that feels like home.

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