7 Features of Installing Sheet Metal Roofing

If you’re looking to re-do the roof of your home, consider using sheet metal to complete the job. The benefits that a sheet metal roof provide far outweigh any other building material on the market today. Sheet metal is not only the safest and most durable product available, but it is also the most cost effective.

That’s why we’ve outlined below the top reasons why a metal roof is the best thing you could do for your home.

1. Long-Lasting

Having to repair, or replace an entire roof is a costly renovation that many families are not prepared for. Often times, the roof becomes damaged due to constant exposure to harsh elements such as high winds, snow, or water. This doesn’t have to be an issue for your home if you have a metal roof installed. That’s because these materials are built to withstand strong winds, snow, fire, heat, mildew and mold.

This means your roof will last longer compared asphalt, wood, or tile roofs.  Plus, a metal roof is designed to last as long as the house does; so, you can rest assured that you won’t have any costly repairs in the near future.

2. Lightweight

When compared to other common materials, sheet metal roofing is the lightest. Because of this, repairing a roof can turn into a seamless and easy process. Certain types of metal can simply be applied over an existing roof, without the need to tear off structural supports. Avoiding this can save your family money on building costs, and also help to speed up the repairs.

3. Easy to Install

Putting the shingles onto a standard roof can take countless hours by a trained professional to do. Metal roofs come in large panel sized sheets. These large sheets make it a breeze for trades to install, as they can quickly cover the area. Plus, because of its lightweight moving it around the sight won’t be as labour intensive. In the end, this can save you money on building costs and labour.

4. Fire Resistant

When compared to other roofing material such as wood or tile that easily catch fire, metal is a safer option.  Metal roofs are non-combustible and fire resistant. So, should a fire break out in your home, the metal will burn slower, which can give your family more time to get out.

5. Heat Resistant

Unlike wood, metal works to reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorbing it. This is ideal for family homes because it can save you money on energy bills. By reflecting the heat, your home won’t get as hot. So, you can run the air conditioner less while still enjoying a cool home.

6. Withstands All Elements

It doesn’t matter where you live, destructive weather affects all homes. This is why it is vital to prepare your home for it. From strong winds, snow, ice, rain, and sun; these harsh elements can easily tear apart a home. But, when you have a metal roof, you won’t have to worry. Metal is the safest option on the market because they are designed to withstand heavy winds, crack resistant, non-corrosive, and are impact proof.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Installing a metal roof is a more environmentally friendly option when compared to other building materials. Often times, the metal that is used is sourced from recycled materials. This material can even be repurposed after its use, so you do not have to destroy natural resource to complete a project.

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