6 Modern Apartment Kitchen Layout Ideas

The kitchen is the hub of any apartment, especially a modern one. It is here that many meals are prepared and sometimes shared. It is also a place of intimate conversations with other residents, a place where you make memories over the fragrance of cooking meals and steaming beverages.

Ideally, your apartment kitchen layout should set the tone for its use and environment. One can tailor a kitchen for diverse purposes, such as socializing or maximum productivity. With the right apartment kitchen layout idea, you can maximize the available space within your apartments.

Check out these six modern apartment kitchen layout ideas tailored:

Idea #1: L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

L-shaped kitchens have an open area in the middle. They provide efficient and easy spaces that allow the installation of cabinets and appliances along right-angled walls. This layout idea has two kitchen walls that form an “L-shape.” The L-shaped design keeps the kitchen free from external traffic while at the same creating a dining room set niche.

This layout is ideal for students who enjoy small to medium size kitchens. It does not look good in large rooms because the appliances will be too far apart. Its advantages include minimal through traffic and a functional workspace. It is also great for open plan designs and provides enhanced ease of access to cabinets and bench-tops.

Idea #2: One Wall Kitchen Layout

The one-wall kitchen is another great apartment kitchen layout idea for students. This design used to be known as the Pullman kitchen. The “single line” layout ensures that all of the kitchen units are against a straight wall in a single line. In this line-up, the stove and sink are centrally positioned to minimize end-to-end walking during work.

This layout idea is popular among small kitchens. It enhances space efficiency without compromising functionality. It is prudent to use vertical space if the wall is not long enough. Utilize high ceilings and increase your storage space by installing double-run wall units. Store the rarely used items in the less-accessible cabinets. Keep the frequently used items in the easy-to-access cabinets.

The one-wall kitchen unit makes plumbing easy since it requires running one straight line of pipework. It is common to find a student apartment with both a bathroom vanity and kitchen in a single continuous arrangement.

Idea #3: Galley Kitchen Layout

A galley kitchen is also known as a corridor kitchen or walk-through kitchen. It is a narrow, long kitchen decked with base cabinets, counters, wall cabinets, and other units positioned on both or one side of the central walkway. This kitchen layout comprises two parallel running units that form a central corridor as a workspace similar to that of ships (where it gets its name from). Functional items and appliances intermix with granite countertops in your kitchen.

Galley kitchens are small and more affordable compared to other apartment kitchen layouts. They are ergonomically superior because they cluster the essential services close together. Its design optimizes space by packing in large amounts of work and storage area, making it ideal for any students who prefer small-sized kitchens.

Idea #4: The Peninsula Kitchen Layout

A peninsula kitchen, also known as the G-Shape Kitchen, features fixtures and cabinetry along three adjacent walls. It ends with an extended bar counter, which makes it ideal for a breakfast bar. G-shape Kitchen dimensions range between depths of 12′-15′ | 3.7-4.6 m and widths of 13′-16′ | 4-4.9 m.

A shorter wall is added to the three-walled U-shaped layout to form a G-shaped design, creating more workspace while further limiting external traffic into the kitchen area.

Idea #5: U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A u-shaped kitchen is also known as the Horseshoe kitchen. The U-shaped layout features three walls and an open top that feeds into an open plan living room or doorway. The three walls feature cabinet units and appliances.

The design of this unique U-shaped kitchen has efficiency in mind. It frees up your floor space. Besides maximizing your wall space with appliances and cabinets, it makes it effortless for homeowners and chefs to get to different sections of the kitchen without having to walk across. In situations where the apartment layout makes it impossible to have the three walls, which are critical for U-shaped kitchen design, an island would serve a similar purpose.

A u-shaped kitchen lends itself to different designs. The size of the kitchen is not critical. When designing a U-shaped kitchen, have the frequently used work areas or appliances at a single triangular space. This design provides easy access to essential appliances without too much crisscrossing traffic.

Idea #6: The Island Layout

Kitchen islands have diverse functionalities. Determine the main functionality of your island and emphasize it. These functions could include smart storage solutions, cooking, eating, prep-work, cleaning, or entertainment. You could also use it for anything else, including house projects and homework.

For an efficient island kitchen layout, have a list in order of priority that indicates the top-five desired island functions.

Start installing the island in response to your kitchen size and layout, and let the island counter height and width correspond with its primary use, which includes the open area around it. It is critical to have ample clearance before installing a kitchen island.

The above modern apartment kitchen layout ideas address the most efficient use of space to maximize productivity. Your kitchen layout deliberately sets the tone of your kitchen use and environment. Do not hesitate to consult professionals to determine the best design layout.

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