6 Different Shades of Hardwood Flooring Colours

Whatever your taste, there are various hardwood flooring colours you can choose from to make your house stand out. The choice a hardwood flooring colour says a lot about your sense of style. Depending on your style, you can choose from a range of colours when flooring your home. Below are some of the leading hardwood flooring colours in the market today:

1. Dark Coloured Hardwoods Floors

Most people prefer hardwood floors with a dark colour. If this is your preference, chocolate brown or white oak Gotham makes for a good colour mix. You can also choose a vintage flooring, which is made of a solid material with a light hand-scraped exterior. This type of floor can deflect light to cleverly hide scratches and small cuts, something that hardwood floors with a shiny dark look are unable to do. For dark wood, low maintenance floor, the chocolate brown is a perfect choice. Another dark colour you can use is the hard maple chocolate brown, which comes off very nicely on dark hardwood floors.

2. Dark Brushed Hardwood Floors

Wire brushed dark floors give your home a dash of modernity. Since they are even and feature a clear coat, it’s rare for the dust to settle on them, rendering them very easy to maintain. A dark brushed hardwood floor gives your house a formal look that also contrasts stylishly with the rest of your room.

3. Lightwood Floors

This type of colour went out of vogue towards the late 1900s. Recently, however, there has been a resurgence of light wood floors. For the best result, choose the vintage lightwood floor that does not have a yellow undertone. Avoid light maples with clear coats since they quickly turn yellow. Although this type of wood darkens gradually with time, the gray-blonde colour is responsible for its popularity in the market.

4. Off-White or White Floors

White hardwood is highly popular in the market today. It has an attractive and unique appearance that makes your farmhouse look both modern and traditional. To keep your floor perfect and attractive, choose a rustic finish to make your home stand out. Light wood floors have a casual feel and are easy to maintain. Unlike the darker tones, they easily conceal dirt and scratches. They also feature minimal contrasts that make light to bounce off them. As a result, your room appears bright and lively. White floors are however not ideal for houses that attract outdoor dirt.

5. Hardwood Floors Featuring Medium Colours

Medium colours include medium brown, gunstock and cognacs. The most popular colours in this range are grays and cool pale brown. Medium hardwood flooring colours are a perfect choice if you are looking to achieve room contrast without dominating your space. With complementing furniture and room décor, medium colours can enliven your floor space just as much as white wood floors. If your house is ‘busy’, medium wood floor colours help to tone it down for a perfect finish.

6. Gray Coloured Hardwood Floors

Opinion is split on whether one should apply gray on a hardwood floor. Among compromise, choices are fumed white vintage oak or the blonde and brown hardwood floor with a bit of orange in it. Gray coloured floors may not be the most popular today, but if you are looking for a combination to make your floor stand out, this could be the perfect choice for you.

In hardwood flooring, the best colour to use depends on your taste and sense of style. You can choose between colours that combine the allure of the past and modernity or go completely retro with vintage colours that give your sense of style a distinct edge.

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