6 Common Household Items That Clog Pipes

If you’ve ever noticed that drainage in your home has slowed, chances are there is something blocking your pipes. You may be surprised to know there are many household items that can block your drains, and prevent water from passing through. Build up, can not only be frustrating, but it can lead to even greater issues such as leaks, pipe bursts and even flooding. If this problem persists, you can wreak havoc on the plumbing system of your home

That’s why, it is imperative to educate yourself on these common household items that should never be washed down your drain.

1. Greases, Oils, and Fats

A large portion of society may not know that rinsing down cooking grease, oil, or fat can leave irrevocable damage to your pipes. This is because, it can coat the pipes, harden, and leave a sludgy film around your pipes. This sludge can build up over time, and constrict the size of your drains. This constriction, will make it harder for water to pass through normally.

To resolve this, when you’re done cooking, simply pour the remaining grease or fat into a container to harden. If you are in a hurry, or have a large amount of oil you need to dispose of simply place it in the freezer to speed the process up. Once hard, throw the solid grease into the compost to get rid of it properly.

2. Starches

This may be surprising to many, but having starchy foods flow down your drain can clog them. This is because, when starchy foods come into constant contact with water, they retain it, and turn into a thick and sludgy mess. Starches include such foods as pasta, potatoes or rice. If they get into your drain, it will break down into a thick film, and clog it.

To avoid this, simply place the leftover food into the compost bin. Also avoid using the garbage disposal to get rid of these items, as it can stick to the blades and dull them over time.

3. Cotton

Common household items that contain cotton should never be disposed of down a drain. These products include feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, and cotton balls. You should also avoid flushing these items down the toilet. This is because, these items cannot dissolve in water, and can clog your drains, leading to a nasty water build up. To get rid of these items, dispose of them properly by placing them into the trash bin.

4. Wipes

Baby wipes, and cosmetic towels are not able to dissolve once they hit the water. Meaning, they can build up over time in your drainage system. Once the wipes end up there, chances are you will have to call in a plumber to have them removed. Not only can this be a costly error, but it can lead to damaging issue around your home.

5. Egg Shells

Egg shells should never be rinsed down the drain, or tossed into the garbage disposal. This is because, even the smallest of egg shell bits cannot be broken down in water, so they will inevitably end up sitting in your household pipes and clogging them.

6. Hair

This is an obvious culprit that is causes blockage in drains. Hair should never be rinsed down your drain, or flushed down the toilet. To solve this from turning into a problem for your home, simply insert a drain catcher into your shower or sink to help mitigate the amount of build-up.

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