5 Ways to Create Great Landscaping Curb Appeal

Your curb is one of those things that a visitor to your home sees first. It is visible to both your visitors and passers-by alike. Houses with great curb appeal tend to be more appealing to potential home buyers. Houses that feature beautifully manicured lawns have a higher buyer appeal than those that have less-than-appealing front lawns. Here are a few tips for creating great landscaping curb appeal.

1. Consider the Size of the House

The size of your house and the lawn greatly influences landscaping. For a large house, using small and colourful plants will make the house look grand and beautiful. However, using tall shrubs and trees when the house is small does not enhance your curb appeal. This is because trees or shrubs could obscure the view of your house. It does not make sense to have a beautiful house obscured by overgrown vegetation.

2. Work with Shapes and Clusters

Grouping your plants and making interesting shapes with them when you are landscaping makes for great curb appeal. This also helps passers-by to easily notice your house. A single flower may not do your house justice. In most cases, it will hardly be noticed by anyone. However, when you group a set of flowers together in a cluster or in a particular shape, you are sure to attract attention to your house. Be as creative as you can in coming up with all manner of floral designs for your lawn.

3. Emphasize the Walkway

While getting to your front door is the main goal of a walkway, the walk through the lawn should be as memorable as possible. Using small shrubs to shape the path to the door can create a good visual impression of your lawn. It also acts as a guide for new visitors as it clearly marks out the path they should follow to get to the front door. It also helps in encouraging people not to walk on other areas except the walkway. You don’t want visitors trampling all over your lawn and messing up your beautifully manicured front yard.

4. Include Large Objects Where Necessary

Placing large attractively shaped objects on your lawn can also greatly enhance your curb appeal. These objects are instant attention grabbers. People driving past your house will not fail to notice that nicely curved life-size lion or other exotic animal seemingly guarding the approach to your front door. This adds to the aesthetics and beauty of your house. You should however be careful that the objects on your lawn do not obscure some pivotal parts of your house such as windows and entrances.

5. Ensure Your Lawn is Easy to Maintain

Landscaping can be an enjoyable exercise. But it can also be expensive to maintain. Depending on your goals and taste, and your budget, you can have a lawn that is easy to landscape and regularly maintain. An easy-to-maintain lawn frees you to work on other equally important tasks. If maintaining your lawn takes forever, you may not even have time to enjoy the resplendent beauty of your lawn.

A nice looking lawn, perfectly trimmed and spiced with neatly arranged floral designs that mimic different shapes and sizes, plus life-size objects strategically erected on your lawn gives your curb a unique landscaping appeal that most potential home buyers find irresistible. A landscaped front lawn is a visitor’s first encounter with your home. Having it nicely and elegantly done gives the impression that the owners of the house pay attention to detail. As you navigate through the beautifully curbed walkway to the front door, the beauty makes for a truly memorable experience.

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