5 Tips to Maintain Your Door Locks

All forms of hardware in a house should be well maintained. However, none of these has as much impact on your safety than door locks. Surprisingly, when it comes to home maintenance, rarely do most people think about door locks.

To prolong the life of your door lock, you need to keep it well maintained. This has the impact of securing those inside your home while at the same timing keeping burglars out. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your door locks.

1. Cleaning the Locks

Locks tend to be exposed to dirt and various substances from the hands that hold them. They are also exposed to dust and particles. As these dust particles build up inside the locks, sometimes the locks get jammed. Although the build-up of lock jamming particles is gradual, the impact of a jammed lock is immediate. Depending on whether you want to get in or out of your home, you soon experience the power of a jammed lock. To avoid being locked out of, or inside, your home, make sure that your locks are regularly cleaned. You can spray the keyhole and other parts of the lock with a special spray lubricant. You should do this at least once every year for proper key maintenance.

2. Use Appropriate Cleaning Materials

It is an established fact that using the wrong tool for a particular job often results in failure in that particular task. The same applies to using the wrong cleaning materials when cleaning your door locks. Not all spray lubricants, for example, can be used in cleaning door knobs. Using the wrong type of lubricant can end up causing more problems to your lock. You should instead use the right materials when performing this task.

3. Avoid Using Unnecessary Force

Applying too much force on the locks often tend to weaken them over time. This reduces their strength and durability, compromising their ability to function properly. Applying excessive force on the door knobs and other actions such as slamming the door tend to gradually weaken, and eventually cause your door lock to malfunction.

4. Ensure That the Door Is Well Hung

Doors that lean or sag tend to exert a lot of pressure on the door locks and hinges. A properly balanced door will not exert a lot of pressure on the locks. Making sure it’s well installed and that the spaces between the door and the door frames are even will prolong the life of your lock. A sagging door exerts too much pressure on the lock and compromises its ability to hold the door in place.

5. Make Duplicate Keys

Keys are not built to last forever. They tend to wear out from time to time. Having a spare key made from the original key ensures that you always have a strong key to lock and unlock your door with. It also helps having an extra key if you happen to misplace or lose one. A good key means that you don’t have to force it inside the lock. It opens your door effortlessly.

Your safety is largely dependent on the proper functioning of your door lock. It is therefore important to contact a locksmith and install a door lock that actually works. To make sure you are not locked in or out by a jammed door lock, regularly maintain your lock by cleaning it often using an appropriate spray.

Make sure to invest in a good quality door lock that can withstand both gentle and rough handling. When all is said and done, a good quality door lock ensures that you get in and out of your home at will.

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