5 Packing Tips to Make Moving Homes Stress-Free

Packing may seem overwhelming and appear to be a nightmare for some. However, there are ways to make your packing experience simple, easy and organized. What you should avoid is leaving everything to the last minute which is bound to cause some level of anxiety. Packing for a 3-week vacation is not the same as packing for a permanent move. There is a lot of planning involved so it is important to consider advance preparation for a move.

Here are 5 simple steps that will make packing for a permanent move stress-free.

1. Prepare a List

Make a list of items you want to pack. Organize them according to categories such as kitchenette, toiletry, living room or bedroom. This exercise will prevent leaving items behind or being overwhelmed with the many items that should be packed. Avoid procrastinating. There is the tendency to think that not much work is involved. The sooner you start, the better organized you will be for packing and moving.

2. Donate, Recycle and Dispose

When you make a list and identify all the items you possess, you will realize at this point that you don’t need some of the items on your list. These items can either be recycled, donated or disposed accordingly. You can also try to sell some items that you think you don’t need such as appliances, outdated computers, coffee makers, TVs and other electronics. Set these items aside, and post photos and the expected price for these items on sites like Craigslist or Kijiji classifieds.

3. Determine the Packing Material

Once you have a list and know what items you will be moving, you can buy the exact amount of packing material such as boxes, bubble wrap and labels you need. Completing the first and second steps will make this step as simple and easy as possible without you having to buy too much or too little packing material. Make sure to purchase heavy durable boxes suited for moving and try to avoid picking random or recycled boxes like those used at grocery stores.

4. Packing Organization and Solidity

First, ensure to get the right size boxes and put the heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top to avoid the packed boxes from falling apart. Pack room by room for easy progress. Secondly, start with the least essential items and avoid mixing the items from the different rooms. Use the category list you made to organize your items and to start placing them in the right size boxes. Label these boxes based on the room and items it contains. This organization style will make both packing and unpacking effortless.

Once all boxes are labeled, tape the boxes securely at the bottom and top to prevent them from unwrapping. Make a few wraps all the way round the box including the top and bottom edges.

5. Research Professional Packing and Moving Companies

When you have decided you are moving to a new home or new city, you may want to get in contact with a professional packaging company as soon as possible. You don’t want to leave this for the last minute as these companies tend to be fully booked the entire month and most frequently at the end of the month.

Finding a reputable company that offers the best customer service makes moving less of a hassle. Don’t base your selection on the prices offered as reputable packing and moving companies ensure to handle your items with care. The professional company will make sure to provide the right packing supplies and organization should you decide you require these services in addition to the moving support.

The moving company can help in properly packing expensive items such as TVs, art and heavy monuments.

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