5 Landscaping Tips to Get the Perfect Lawn

Are you ready to soak up some sun? Well, so is your front lawn.

Professional lawn services have seen so many mistakes that homeowners make that can easily be rectified. From giving the grass a buzzcut to overwatering the lawn, homeowners are not taking care of the front yard correctly. So, what can they do? The pros think the simplest of measures can do wonders.

Here are five lawn care tips from professional lawn services:

1. Don’t Give Your Lawn a Buzzcut

It may seem counterintuitive, but it isn’t a good idea to give your lawn a buzzcut. Yes, it can save you from waking up early on those lazy weekends, but it isn’t good for your lawn.

Although you should keep your lawn mower’s blades sharps, professional lawn services typically recommend mow higher. The rule of thumb for the industry? Refrain from chopping off more than a third of the grass blade.

By buzzing your lawn, you risk long-term damage and even the formation of weeds!

2. Water Your Grass in the Morning

The best time of the day to water your grass is in the morning. You might be too busy to remember to water the lawn in the morning, which is why you see so many homeowners quickly turn on the sprinklers in the early evening.

But this won’t do much for your grass.

To withstand the heat and blazing sun, and to give your grass what it needs, the best time of the day to water the front lawn and backyard is first thing in the morning, whether it is 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. (We all have different start times.)

3. Please, Sir, Feed Your Lawn More

In addition to water, the pros say that you should also feed your lawn. The most important nutrient for your grass is nitrogen. Therefore, you should search for a mixture of fast- and slow-release fertilizers. By feeding your lawn this type of fertilizer, you boost the look of your lawn as well as its quality, even during the autumn.

There are two things you need to be aware of: don’t overfeed your lawn and don’t feed dormant grass since it can’t absorb any of the nutrients.

4. Eliminate Your Weeds with Simple Tricks

All the work you are putting into your lawn and you are still going to water with weeds. Yes, this can be really frustrating, but you can still win the war on weeds by employing simple measures.

Here are a few tricks to remember:

  • Drop a few sprinkles of baking soda on your driveway or sidewalk and sweep it into the cracks.
  • Split a two-litre bottle in half, spray the weed with a herbicide, and cover the weed.
  • Have apple cider vinegar? Spray your weeds with it.
  • Mix table salt, white vinegar, and liquid soap and spray the weeds with this solution.
  • Just mow regularly and the weeds will eventually go away.

Once you apply these elementary techniques, weeds will die a slow death.

5. Maintain Your Front Lawn

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, just maintain your front lawn as best as you can.

Everything from picking up the trash, to preventing dogs from peeing on your grass, to avoid parking on your lawn, there’s a myriad of preventative measures you can incorporate into your routine to ensure your front lawn looks immaculate.

It is safe to say that spring is here. Before you know it, summer will be arriving just as quick. You need to get prepared, and this preparation is more than just tuning up your air conditioning unit. You want to get your lawn ready for the dog days of summer.

Regularly mowing, killing weed, and feeding your grass. There are so many things you can do right now to ensure your front lawn and backyard will look impressive for the next few months.

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