4 Potty Training Rules For Your Puppy

So you’ve just got yourself a gorgeous puppy! It is one of the best decisions of your life because our doggy friends have such an amazing effect on us.

If you happen to have kids, they were probably begging you to get a puppy. Well, now that you’ve finally caved in (and let’s be honest, you wanted one as well, didn’t you?), it’s time to start training him or her and the sooner the better.

Obviously, one of the biggest things is potty training. Even though some breeds like the Portuguese water dog might be easier to train, this will be a challenging task no matter what your dog species is.

There will be lots of accidents, so be prepared but with perseverance and proper training and encouragement, your puppy will make you proud! So, let’s get knee-deep into some rules about potty training your puppy.

1. Maintain A Regular Schedule

Whenever you are doing any kind of training with your puppy, it is important to stick to a regular schedule. For example, when you feed your puppy at a certain time, try never to deviate unless it cannot be helped. Doing things at the same time every day will help your puppy to learn quickly. So, when you start taking your puppy out, try and stick to a certain time. Puppies have to go out a lot, so if it gets confusing, start writing it down. This way, you will know when your puppy should go out next.

2. Consistency

Again, whatever you do with your puppy, consistency is key. If your puppy goes in the right place, this calls for praise and a special treat. Our fur babies love to make us happy, so when they do something right, always praise them and give them a special treat during training. When your puppy does go, try to use the same verbal cues or commands so as not to confuse your puppy. Whenever you praise or encourage your puppy, use the same cheery, enthusiastic voice so that they will eventually understand.

3. The Crate

Many people use a crate as part of training their puppy, but sometimes, out of necessity as well. Someone who is on their own with no help may be away at work for most of the day. You certainly do not want your puppy running about all over the place and having accidents. Speaking of accidents, you also want to keep them safe and confined, since they will be unsupervised for hours. A crate is a good way to train them. However, the moment you get back home, you need to take your puppy outside to do its business, after they jump all over you and greet you with a million kisses, of course!

4. Things To Avoid

Never expect your puppy to ‘get it’ overnight. Potty training takes time. Also, don’t expect your puppy to ask you; you need to give your puppy the access to the toilet. That means, while you are there, do not have your puppy confined for hours on end. ‘Accidents’ will happen. Remember, they are still babies. Do not punish them or yell at them. This will frighten them and have a negative effect. Try not to overfeed or free feed and give them good, appropriate food, otherwise they may end up going irregularly and thus, preventing a consistent schedule.

Routine always plays a big part. Try to stick to it as it is helpful for puppy as well. Patience and understanding will help and soon, you too will be rewarded when puppy finally understands.

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