4 Points to Clarify With the House Painters

When hiring painters to update your home’s interior rooms, never assume they will know exactly what you want done. No two rooms are exactly the same, and the painting needs of each room or area of the house may need special instructions or attention. Here are a few points to confirm with the house painting crew before they get started.

1. Prep

If some walls have wallpaper or old paint that has bubbled or peeled, find out if the crew will strip the walls in preparation for painting. You may be expected to have the walls ready when the paint team arrives. Don’t wait to find out. Ask in advance so that everything can be ready for the experts to get busy on painting your home’s walls. If there is an extra charge for clearing the walls, consider doing the prep work yourself if you have the time and ability.

2. Closets

Your house may have several closets in rooms like the bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and pantry. When getting an estimate, be sure to ask about the cost of painting the inside closet space unless you don’t plan to have that included. Closet walls, along with the ceilings, floors, and shelves, may need to be factored into the estimate as additional costs rather than being part of the room where they are located. The experts at www.courthamptonpainting.com are capable of providing you with further information.

3. Doors

Interior doors for staircases, closets, and outdoor access, such as the inside of the front door, side door, basement door, or patio door may need to be negotiated as well. Again, it is easy to assume that the painters will include doors in each room to be painted as part of the project, but don’t leave anything to chance. Ask about the cost of including the doors as well as possibly using a different paint finish on the exposed interior doors.

4. Trim and Steps

Often, accessorized areas like baseboards and crown molding are included in the paint estimate. But it is a good idea to clarify your plans for those areas before painting starts. For example, do you plan to replace the baseboards, or do you want to have trim painted in another color? Should door knobs be painted with a glossy finish or left untouched? Wooden steps that are uncarpeted may benefit from a fresh coat of paint. These options should be discussed during the estimate phase, but if you change your mind, put it in writing for the painter before the work begins.

Having your home’s interior painted by professionals can give it a refreshing appearance with vibrant appeal. Be sure to check on options like those above to ensure the painters know what to do to meet your expectations.

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