4 Moving Equipment That Will Make Moving Homes Easier

Moving can be an onerous and time-consuming process as you pack up your personal items, furniture, and belongings that has accumulated over the years. However, it can be considered a do-it-yourself process by many homeowners who choose to undertake the task as opposed to hiring a professional moving company.

While this can save some money, the reality is professional movers can get the job done quickly and efficiently. This is due largely in part to the equipment that they use and below are 4 pieces that will definitely make your move dramatically easier if you choose to hire them.

1. Dollies

When you move chances are you will be taking large prices of furniture and appliances with you. These include your dressers, refrigerator, and stove. These belongings are extremely heavy and mishandling can result in injury and damages to the item itself or the home, potentially leaving you responsible to pay for repairs.

Professional movers have 2 and 4-wheel as well as appliance dollies. These are carts with wheels that your items can be placed on. The movers can then roll them to the truck and they are versatile enough to be maneuvered up and down sets of stairs. 2-wheel dollies are lightweight enough to be used to cart stacks of boxes whereas the 4-wheel ones are strong enough for heavier crates and light pieces of furniture. Appliance dollies are reserved for more weight such as that of a stove or refrigerator.

2. Straps

Move of your items will fit through the interior and exterior doors of the house you are leaving, however there may be occasions where something is just too big. As a result, you may be forced to move them out a window.

When a larger item such as a mattress, table, or dresser cannot fit through a door, hoisting straps are used. These straps are made of polyester that is soft enough not to scratch your items but strong enough to hold them as they are carefully hoisted out the window by movers. The movers then use their strength to guide your items down safely to the ground where they can then be loaded into the moving truck for transport.

3. Piano trolley

You could leave your beloved piano behind where you know it will be enjoyed by the new homeowners. However, you would be sad without it and you don’t want the sheer work it would take to move it be the factor that made you leave it.

Movers are able to supply piano trolleys that definitely make the moving of a piano dramatically easier. These trolleys consist of a base that goes under the piano and straps that keep the piano secure during transport. Some trolleys come complete with handles on 4 sides that allow movers to maneuver down stairs. If the trolley does not have them, the moving companies will have the ramps needs to transport piano on staircases.

4. Pallet jack

You may be able to get all of your belongings out to the truck and lift them in or push/pull them up the ramp, but some items may be just too heavy to do either. You do not want to risk injury to you or others helping you try to get all of your belongings into the moving truck.

Professional moving companies utilize pallet jacks to lift heavier boxes and items into the truck. Even if a ramp is provided, these mini motorized forklifts are able to lift many of your belongings into the truck, increasing the chances of a fast, efficient, injury-free move.

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