14 Creative Cardboard Box Ideas You Can Use at Home

Cardboard boxes that are not needed anymore can be recycled, but they can also be turned into fun and convenient projects for kids, or for the whole family.

Here are 14 amazing cardboard box ideas that will help you repurpose all those cardboard boxes you are keeping around your home.

1. A playhouse

If you have a big enough cardboard box, you should be able to build a playhouse for your kids. Cut out a door, a window or two, and fold the top of the box to make a roof. You can then paint the outside of the playhouse, or ask your kids to help you decorate it.

2. A cat house

If you don’t have kids, but you have a cat who loves cardboard boxes, you could build a beautiful cat house with a door, windows and a roof. Of course, nothing guarantees that your cat will prefer your house made with love to a plain cardboard box.

3. An easel

If you have creative kids who like to paint, or if you like to paint but you don’t have a lot of material, you could use a cardboard box to build an easel. Simply make a triangle with three pieces of cardboard, and tape them together so the easel can stand on its own. Tape or attach a piece of paper to one face of the triangle, and start painting on it.

4. Furniture

Did you know it was possible to build chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture with cardboard? If you search for a few online tutorials, you will learn how to build furniture that is cheap, functional, and stylish.

5. A puppet theater

If your kids love to play with puppets, why not use a few big cardboard boxes to create a puppet theater for them to present their next shows? Cut one box open, so you have some sort of folding screen. Place another box on top of it, with the opening facing down. Cut out a window on the side of that box, and you have a simple puppet theater.

6. Storage bins

Who doesn’t need some extra storage bins? Instead of buying expensive ones, take a cardboard box, cut out the top flaps, and cover it with a beautiful piece of fabric, or with paper mache. It’s easy to create storage bins of different sizes that match your decor.

7. A cardboard bed for a plush toy or a doll

Your kid’s plush toy or doll could get their very own bed, thanks to a cardboard box and a few pieces of fabric. This project can be as simple as cutting one flat piece of cardboard, and adding a smaller piece to both ends to create the base of the bed. Add a small blanket and a pillow, and you’re done.

8. A decorative deer head

Maybe you have already seen a decorative deer head wall hanging at the store. With a few pieces of cardboard, a box cutter, a ruler, a cutting mat and a hot glue gun, you should be able to create your own. Just search for a tutorial for detailed and easy-to-follow instructions.

9. A picture frame

Picture frames are expensive, aren’t they? Fortunately, it’s simple to make your own with cardboard, and the best part about it is that you can build a frame that will match the size and the colours of your picture.

10. Drawer dividers

This one is really simple to make, but it can really simplify your life if you feel like some of your drawers could use drawer dividers. Simply measure your cardboard parts, cut them, and arrange them to create as many sections as you want. Staying well-organized doesn’t have to be complicated.

11. A desk organizer

Once again, it’s easy to use cardboard to keep your belongings organized. If you don’t have a desk organizer, it’s easy to create one from pieces of cardboard. If you have a few small cardboard boxes, you can glue them together to create your organizer, or you can get as crafty as you like.

12. Decorative letters

Instead of buying big decorative letters to decorate your home, you can trace and cut your own out of a large cardboard box. You can then paint them in the colour of your choice, or if you use metallic paint, you can make them look like they are made from metal.

13. A vase of cardboard flowers

If you are looking for a fun project to make with your kids, you can cut flowers out of cardboard, and decorate them together. When you have a few flowers, you can use a decorated roll of toilet paper as a vase to display them.

14. A shelf

Finally, if you would like to add a small shelf to your wall, you can easily create one out of cardboard. Cut out a few pieces of cardboard, and stack and glue them together. When you’re finished, you should be able to hang your shelf to the wall with just a few nails.

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