10 Ways on How to Fix a Dent in the Wall

Dents in the wall are almost as common as dents on a car. They happen. They’re avoidable in most cases, but dents aren’t an unusual occurrence especially if you protect them with metal corner guards. Thankfully, the process of how to fix a dent in the wall is a relatively straightforward and simple process.

You may look at a dent or hole in the wall and think you’ve got to call someone to repair it. In actuality, you don’t need a repairman to fix a dent in the wall. In most cases, small to mid-sized holes and dents in drywall can be fixed with ease. All it takes is the right paint color, a little putty, and potentially some drywall if it’s really that bad.

Below are ten ways on how to fix a dent in the wall:

1. Analyze the damage of the dent in the wall

In order to fix a dent in the wall, all you need is a little putty. For other dents, a more extensive repair may be needed. The amount of damage will determine the supplies you need and your approach to repairing it.

If a dent is smaller than half a loonie, you’re probably going to be fine using a drywall compound, putty, or similar material. If it’s larger than a loonie, chances are you’re going to need new plastered-in drywall.

2. Get your dent repair supplies ready

A dent implies it’s not a full-blown hole in the wall. As long as it’s a small dent, the supplies you need are a putty knife, a putty or drywall compound, a primer, sandpaper, and a paint and paintbrush to paint the whole of the wall.

If you know the color of paint you used and it’s been recently painted, you won’t need much to get the putty in and paint over.

3. Use wall putty

You don’t necessarily need to use putty, although other products that some people use are temporary and hardly permanent fixes. If it is a very, very small dent, some people have used toothpaste or white bar soap.

These types of materials do not work long-term though. Invest in putty or a drywall compound that’s actually going to get the job done right the first time.

4. Clean the area and sand the wall

Make sure there isn’t any loose paint or pieces of drywall around the dent. Clean the area with soap and water, and then let it dry. This is to ensure there isn’t any dust or anything else in the way of a fix. Once the area is completely dry, sand the dent and around the area very lightly. This creates a surface on which a compound can seal better.

5. Use your primer

Now that your area is dry and sanded, apply your primer to fix a dent on the wall. A primer’s going to seal the area and protect it against any sort of water and moisture. A dry dent that’s been sanded is your best chance at getting the putty or drywall compound to set. After primer’s applied, once again, let it dry.

6. Spread the putty around the dent

Use your putty knife to apply putty into and around the dent. Fill the dent until it is even with the rest of the wall. You want to make it appear as close to a flat surface as possible, with no edges. Feather the compound out from the dent using your knife to help mask the fix. After done, let it dry.

7. Wait 24 hours and re-evaluate

To be safe, wait a full 24 hours before moving onto the next step. You want to make sure the putty is fully dry after you fixed the dent in a wall. Check the repair once it is. Did your compound shrink or is there putting – if so, repeat the process and add more putty.

This will, of course, require waiting another day before you continue to fix the dent in the wall again. Don’t fret though. The end result will be worth it.

8. Sand the putty smooth

Once it’s all dry, sand the putty with a paper or sponge until it is smooth. For this part of the process, we strongly advise to wear a protective mask. This will prevent you from inhaling the toxic powdered compounds that are in the putty.

9. Paint over the original area

Before you apply your paint, evaluate your work. The putty should be dry and sanded down so that it’s flat with the wall. To make it so that there was no discernible dent, paint over the area using the wall’s color.

Do your best to replicate the texture of the wall and any other noticeable features. Let this dry. Once it’s dry, you’re all done. That’s how you fix a dent in the wall.

10. Fix a larger dent in the wall

If you are trying to fix a larger dent in the wall, you will need a piece of drywall. Cut around the damaged area in a square. Cut a piece of store-bought drywall to fit inside. Screw the board to the drywall with drywall screws.

Apply a drywall compound or putty to fill in the gaps between the drywall and actual wall. Follow much the same pattern in terms of the letting it dry, sanding the putty down, and painting over it with the wall color.

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