10 Best Types of Doors for Home Renovations

How do you feel when you walk through the front door and into your living room? Are you met by a beautiful door that makes you smile every time you come home? A door can be imposing or welcoming, and each mien is okay depending on the image you want your home to project.

Whatever your style, there are many different types of doors to choose from. The doors may vary in design and materials, but there is time and place for each type. Below are ten different types of doors to consider if you are planning to renovate your property.

1. Paneled Doors

Featuring frames assembled from wood, panelled doors are among the most popular in homes. The panels are made of plywood, tough board, block board, wood, and so on. These doors are ornamental since various decorations can be made on the panels. Unique brands consist of wood and glass panels. Brands customized to the requirement of your home are designed and fitted to give ambiance to your house.

2. Metal Doors

If your goal is to enhance the strength and security of your entrances, steel doors are ideal. These types of doors are a great alternative to wood and are ideal for use on interior and exterior doors. Frames made of Tee, angles, pushed steel plates, and channels are great for holding panel hinges firmly. They feature unique texture finishes to give you the privilege of choosing your colour preferences. This brand of doors is easy to maintain and is highly durable.

3. PVC Doors

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a plastic product used to manufacture doors in various colours and forms. The advantage of renovating with PVC doors is that they are anti-destructive, resilient, moisture resistant, lightweight, and termite proof. These types of doors are suitable for interior doors since they cannot withstand the outdoor harsh environments. PVC doors are not only cost-effective but also easy to design.

4. Flush Doors

This is a smooth and light door with a wooden frame that covers Medium Density Fiberboard or plywood. Cardboard core products are used to fill the hollow core. For interior renovations, flush doors are ideal, particularly in residential houses. To hold the weight, wood or steel frames can be used. Flush doors are available in the market and are easy to fit. They are resilient, pleasant to look at, and affordable. For toilets and baths, cover the inner face with aluminum sheets to secure them against water.

5. Battened and Ledged Doors

For baths, toilets, WC, and other rooms in your home, these types of doors are ideal and economical. They have been used across ages for basic door applications. Vertical wood battens feature a 35mm density groove and are tongue jointed horizontally at the bottom, middle and the top. They are rigidly installed and can be braced and built to give your inner rooms a sturdy yet attractive look.

6. Glass Doors

Glass doors are made of glass and fixed to suitable frames. They are more expensive than other types. Because they break easily, maintaining them is quite the effort. They are suitable as backyard doors since they offer an unblocked view of the garden. This means you get to enjoy your scenic backyard without having to venture outside. This can be quite the view on a rain-drenched day.

7. Timber or Wooden Doors

Timber or wooden doors have been for a long time a favourite choice among homeowners. The raw material and the expertise to make them are readily available. This fact alone makes them highly affordable. They are sturdy, strong and can fit in any space in your house. Wood can be carved into beautiful patterns to enhance the aesthetics of your house. Apart from the design, the cost of a wooden door is dictated by the type and quality of the wood. You will find doors made from softwood more affordable than hardwood doors.

8. Fibreglass Door

These doors are made of glass fibres bonded with resin. Fibreglass doors are strong yet easy to maintain compared to wood and steel. They do not bow or twist. Their aesthetic value is enhanced by using wooden panels at the surface. Since they combine beauty and strength, they can snugly fit in any part of the house. The designs are customized to fit the buyer’s taste.

9. Aluminum Doors

As the name suggests, these types of doors are made of aluminum. They are strong and not adversely affected by the elements. They can fit perfectly in any part of the house. A well finished aluminum door is a beauty to behold.

10. Bamboo Door Types

These doors made of wood laminated with bamboo. Unlike typical wooden doors, bamboo doors are water resistant. They are also termites-repellant. For the environmentally sensitive buyer, these doors are a perfect, yet affordable choice.

There a many types of doors to choose from. Although each has strengths and weakness, the ideal type is dependent on your needs, style, and budget. However, the overriding factor when choosing a door is its function. Form and style should follow function, not the other way round.

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