7 Shopping Tips to Buy a Coffee Enema

If you are interested in learning more about coffee enemas, you might be wondering if all coffee enema brands are the same. Most brands will claim they are offering the best coffee enemas on the market, but which brand is offering the best one for your needs?

Follow these tips and start looking for the best coffee for a coffee enema.

1. Make sure you are buying coffee enema

While it might seem obvious that coffee enemas should always be done with enema coffee, some people simply don’t know it, and think that any brand of coffee will do.

Don’t use the coffee you love to drink everyday for your coffee enemas. Be sure you are buying quality enema coffee that is simply not meant to be drank.

2. Make sure you are buying certified organic coffee

The coffee enema you buy should be certified organic, and free of pesticides. Most brands will claim that their enema coffee is organic, but make sure you verify their claims before you buy anything from them.

It’s even better if a brand of coffee enema has been certified organic by more than one agencies. It’s a proof that you are buying what’s best for your body.

3. Make sure the coffee enema you are buying is as clean as possible

Coffee beans can be either drum roasted or air roasted. Many people claim that air roasted beans are better for coffee enemas than drum roasted beans.

What matters the most is that the enema coffee is as clean and pure as possible. It should not be roasted in machines that are used to roast other types of food, it should be free of mold and residues, and should not contain any fillers.

4. Check if the brand you are considering has been tested in a lab

The best coffee enema should have higher levels of caffeine and palmitic acid, and lower levels of acrylamide than a medium roast coffee.

Many enema coffee brands are making these claims, but claims are not enough. Check if their coffee has been tested in a lab before you believe anything you read on their website or on their packaging.

5. Choose between ground coffee or beans

Which is better for a coffee enema: ground coffee or whole beans? Experts claim that both can have the same benefits, so it’s up to you to choose the one you prefer.

However, many people choose ground enema coffee for convenience. Since ground coffee is as effective as whole beans, why should you purchase whole beans that you will have to grind yourself? Go ahead and buy some fine grind coffee enema.

6. Buy fresh coffee enema directly from the manufacturer

There are many places where you can buy coffee enema. But where can you buy really fresh one? Try to purchase your enema coffee directly from the manufacturer.

Coffee that has been stored in a warehouse for months might not be as effective as fresh coffee that has been shipped directly by the manufacturer.

7. Don’t worry too much about the price tag

We all love saving money whenever we can. However, when it comes to something as important as coffee enema, don’t try to save money by choosing the cheapest option you can find, unless you feel like this option is also the best one.

During your coffee enema, the coffee you have bought will travel through your colon, your liver and your blood, so you need to make sure you are paying more attention to the quality than to the price tag.

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