5 Beauty Salon Etiquette and Protocols to Remember

When is your next hair appointment? If it’s next week, then be prepared to have some fun!

To make everyone’s lives a bit easier, every beauty salon wants clients to know a few things. Everything from how to request a specific type of haircut to how to behave when you’re in the chair, hairdressers have realized that many clients are stumped as soon as they walk through the doors. But you don’t need to be.

Remember, this is a rewarding time for you, especially if it is a rare privilege to pamper yourself.

Here are five etiquette tips every beauty salon wants you to know:

1. Don’t Want to Talk? You Don’t Need to

It is true that hairdressers are personable, friendly, and enjoy talking to new people every day. However, it is also true that some clients just don’t feel like talking, especially with the schedule we maintain these days – shutting our minds and mouths is relaxing these days.

Some customers feel that they must talk to the beauty salon employees during their visit. But here’s the reality: if you don’t want to talk, then you don’t need to.

Of course, it is important to convey what you want and if you’re happy (see below), but other than that, you can be perfectly quiet the entire time. And sometimes this helps the hairdresser since they can focus entirely on your hair.

2. It’s OK to Ask for the Price Ahead of Time

Price is oftentimes a sticky point for some clients. They want to watch out for their pocketbook, but they also feel embarrassed if they ask for the cost of every element of the service.

Every beauty salon will tell you this: it is your right to know how much you’re spending.

Beauty salons understand the fiscal plight many people are in these days. For women, a haircut may be an annual thing because of how expensive it can be.

The next time you walk into a hair salon, don’t be embarrassed to determine the price.

3. Show, Don’t Tell, What You Want

So, you recently watched a motion picture and you adored the hair style of a particular character. You decided that you’re going to adopt the same style the next time you get a haircut. You arrive to the salon, you tell the hairdresser what you want, and he or she is a bit confused. At the end of it, you’re disappointed that it doesn’t look exactly like the actor or actress in question.

Do you know why this happened? Because telling the professional what you want is a lot harder than simply bringing a picture of what you want.

Ultimately, beauty salons recommend to always show what you want rather than telling them.

4. Unhappy? Be Honest During Appointment

As the appointment continues, some clients become disappointed with what is transpiring. Because we’re nice people and we don’t want to get anyone into trouble, we keep quiet.

This is the worst thing you can do, especially if you leave the salon and never come back.

Beauty salons recommend being honest at any stage of your session if you’re unhappy.

Whether there is too little cut off or the colour is a bit off, you must reveal your feelings.

5. Please Arrive Early

If there is one thing that beauty salons detest it is clients arriving to their appointment late. Remember, in any industry that offers a service, if one person is late, then it pushes everything back, making other customers disgruntled and upset.

Simply put: if your appointment is at 12:30 then show up at 12:15/12:20.

It’s only fair.

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