4 Ways Cycling Can Improve Your Lifestyle

There are a number of beneficial reasons why owning an electric bike can be so convenient. Living in a city like Toronto, or anywhere, for that matter, going to work can have so many hassles. If you drive, or even take public transit, you are at the mercy of the traffic.

There isn’t one person on this planet who likes being stuck in traffic either going to work or coming home afterwards. It can be frustrating at the best of times and occasionally, you’re thrown a monkey wrench when an accident or other issues crop up and make things worse. Let’s take a look at why owning an electric bike is far more convenient.

1. Arrive At Work Fresh & Happy!

If you use a normal bike and ride in to work, you may get hot and perspire more than you normally would. However, with an electric bike, you won’t go through this scenario as much because in addition to your own pedalling power, you can rely on the battery to power you on. If there are places where more pedalling power is needed, such as going uphill, this can really make you work hard especially if you are not in the greatest shape. It is so much easier with an electric bike than with a normal bike. You get to work feeling fresher and happier, since you didn’t have the added burden of being stuck in traffic.

2. Exercise

What a fantastic way to get exercise and stay in shape! This also saves time and possibly money as you get in your exercise without having to do more later, or join a gym. You get to exercise twice a day for 5 days. Burn those calories in the morning and after you have your lunch and other things like muffins or donuts during breaks, you can burn that off as well. Remember though, you need to turn off the electric assist. You can do this on your way home. You still have to pedal even with the assistance of power, but you can do this on your way to work, then turn it off coming home.

3. Fast Commute

Even though you may be on an electric bike which cannot compare to cars in terms of speed, a lot of the time, due to congestion, cars end up going slowly or get stuck for a while in traffic. An electric bike is faster than a normal bike and you can also take advantage of cycling routes and facilities to maintain a good average speed for longer periods. You will have access to routes that other vehicles will not.

4. Save Money

When you charge your electric bike, it only costs a few pennies! Include the fact that there is no insurance or license required and you are on to a winner! Don’t forget that you do not have to fork out any money for parking either. Imagine the money you will save if you travelled this way instead of a car or public transit.

An e-bike is much friendlier to the environment as well. Even if you are not in the best of shape, an e-bike will be much easier on you than a traditional bike. Any challenges can be overcome with that extra power when you need it most.

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