4 Steps to Find the Perfect Retirement Home

Whether you are unable to keep up with the demands of home ownership anymore or you have an elderly loved one unable to look after themselves, a popular and logical choice is looking into a retirement home for support and accommodations. Since the retirement home will be the place where you or your loved one will reside and spend a large majority of time, you want to ensure that the facility is adequate and able to meet the needs that you specify.

Before settling on the retirement home that you are considering, being mindful of the following tips will ensure that your choice is the right one and that the facility is exactly what you or your loved one needs.

1. Take the tour

The retirement residence may look quaint and welcoming from the road but you want to make sure that it is just as nice inside as this is the place that you will spend a large majority of your time. Schedule tours of all homes that you are considering and make sure that your guide shows you everything and do not be afraid to go back numerous times to check things out.

Pay close attention to how clean and tidy the facility is and any odours as you obviously do not want to reside in a place that is poorly maintained or smells bad. Visit the dining room and have a look at the menus for each meal. Stay for a meal or two to ensure that you like and can digest the food.

2. Check what supports are offered

If you are considering a retirement residence for yourself or a loved one, chances are some supports are needed and may be the main reason that you are considering such a transition in the first place. Before making a decision, considered what supports are needed for you or your loved one to be happy and healthy.

For instance, if there is an inability to practice personal hygiene as needed, ensure that staff are able to assist. If physiotherapy is needed, confirm that the facility staffs a physiotherapist or contracts one to visit regularly. If you or your loved one is confined to a wheelchair, confirm that staff can assist with mobility and that the suites are large enough and arranged in a way that getting around it will not be problematic.

3. Talk to people

When people are asked for their opinions there is a tendency to be forthcoming and brutally honest. This is exactly what you want when it comes to determining whether a retirement residence is right for you. Talk to many different residents and determine if they are happy with their treatment, support, food, activities, and cleanliness of the facility.

You can trust that they will tell the truth and if they talk negatively of the residence, you can remove it from the list of places that you are considering. Also talk to staff to get a feel for their attitude. If they are not personable and largely negative, this is also a red flag that the facility is not right for you.

4. Consider activities

As mentioned, the facility that you choose will be a place that you or your loved one spends a lot of time at so you want to make sure it is a pleasant place with lots to do. On your tour of a facility, confirm that it is a television room where you can watch your favourite shows and movies with friends and family when they visit.

Many retirement home facilities offer activities such as exercise classes, game nights, and live entertainment that are bound to be enjoyable for participants. Visit the facility when activities are taking place to get a feel for what they are like and whether attendees are enjoying themselves.

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