4 Different Uses of Water Purification Tablets

There are many occasions when people need to have safe drinking water when they are in a place that does not have safe water. People of all industries who happen to be out in the field, perhaps in a place or country where the water is not safe, must be really careful, however, they can rely on water purification tablets. This can render unsafe water clean enough to drink with relative safety.

In fact, it was first developed for use by military personnel. Soldiers may be in a jungle and let’s face it, they can’t really walk to a faucet that was conveniently placed close by! Here is a short guide on water purification tablets to give you a better understanding.

1. Outdoor Activities

When you happen to indulge in outdoor activities for which you may be away for hours and even days, such as camping, for example, you need to be super careful when it comes to water supply. You could so easily get sick if you are not careful, since you could end up getting a waterborne disease. A water purification tablet when used properly can protect you from bacteria and viruses.

If you get seriously ill with no help whatsoever, you are in big trouble! The convenient thing about these tablets is that they are so light and take up no space at all, making it such a great option for these outdoor activities. They are inexpensive and not bulky like other water purification systems.

2. Traveling In A Foreign Country

If you are one of those experienced travelers who likes to go to foreign countries and rough it out, such as a third world country, where you may not have access to clean water, this would be a perfect solution for you. Some places may be prone to flooding, which means water sources may be open to becoming polluted. You may think you are getting clean water, when you have no idea that an illness is just round the corner.

Sometimes, in these places, even if you have access to bottled water, you have no idea whether it is genuine or not. It is a fact that many tourists have ended up with diarrhea. With experience, these travelers now know to carry water purification tablets. E. coli, cholera and salmonella can be hugely reduced or eliminated altogether by using these tablets.

3. Disaster Relief

When some countries are hit with a major catastrophe, the water supply is affected, as is the electrical network. Water considered safe for the locals may now be affected. This can add to the death toll. Water purification tablets are used in such emergencies and save lives.

4. Military Purposes

A lot of military and security and peace-keeping personnel use water purification tablets. When they are out in the field, it is virtually the only and safest solution to purifying water. Any other sources could be vulnerable to waterborne diseases.

There are several kinds of water purification tablets and these include iodine, chlorine dioxide and chlorine purification tablets. These chemicals can get rid of parasites, bacteria and viruses in contaminated water. Make sure to have them in your backpack because they may be the only solution for potable water.

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