5 Lawn Care Tips to Prepare for Autumn

If you want your lawn to look its best in the spring, fall is the time you need to work on it. If you take care of your lawn requirements in the fall, come spring, your lawn will look, green, thick and healthy. Lots of homeowners make some simple mistakes and then wonder why their lawn isn’t up to scratch when spring arrives. If you are one of them, don’t worry.

With these lawn care tips, you can look forward to a better lawn next year, so let’s have a look at what you need to do now.

1. Get Rid Of Leaves

In the fall, you may notice how beautiful all those colourful leaves which have gathered on your lawn are. It’s nice to play in it. Just ask any dog! However, this is not good at all for your grass. This carpet of autumn leaves blocks the light and traps moisture. The turf below will suffer as a result. Whenever you can manage it, rake them away or if you have a toy, you can blow them away. The wind can cause these leaves to pile up in corners. This soggy and decaying matter will cause the grass underneath to die.

2. Mow To The Correct Height

You will still need to mow your lawn, so don’t put it away just yet. Up to the first hard frost, grass will continue to grow. You need to keep the grass around 2½- to 3-inches. Do not let it get too long or it will be vulnerable to snow mold. Also, be aware that cutting grass too short is not the answer, because it is just as bad as getting too long.

3. Keep On Watering

Many people make the mistake of easing up on the watering because the weather gets cooler. Don’t leave it all up to nature. You still need to make sure the grass roots are properly hydrated. Your lawn should get about an inch a week. You can keep track by using a simple rain gauge.

4. Regular Aeration

It is important to loosen the soil. About once every couple of years, aerating the soil will help avert the problem of soil becoming compacted. There can also be debris like roots, stems and other material blocking nutrients, water and oxygen which is all something the soil needs. Aerate before fertilizing it. This way, fertilizers have a better chance to go right to where they can be of the most benefit.

5. Overseed In The Fall

A thick lawn also helps to protect against weeds. Fall is the perfect time to overseed your lawn. This will help to fill up those bare spots. This can be a pretty challenging task, so unless you know what you are doing, you may want to call the professionals. They will have special tools to do the job right.

There is a certain schedule you will need to stick to. This will enable you to have the best results. Unless you are really experienced and knowledgeable, some tasks should be left to a professional lawn service company. One mistake could cost you, and your lawn won’t look good in the spring. You can do certain things yourself while working with a professional service. This can ensure the job gets done right and according to schedule and you will have a great lawn in the spring.

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