9 Best Kitchen Supplies You Can Buy For Your Restaurant

Most of us don’t think too much about where our favorite restaurant gets their equipment and supplies. But for those in the restaurant business, knowing where to get the best equipment is vital to the success of their operation. Look for a supplier who can provide a wide range of kitchen equipment for your restaurant, including:

1. Commercial ovens.

Whether you’re looking at commercial ovens, rotisserie ovens, microwaves, convection or pizza ovens, your food equipment supplier can set you up with exactly what you need in your kitchen.

2. Dishwashing equipment.

With a wide variety of dishwashing equipment, you can tailor your equipment to the pieces that best match your needs. Glass washers, built-in dishwashers, conveyor style dishwashers and even outdoor dishwashers are available.

3. Food warming equipment.

Regardless of the type of food you are preparing, a good food equipment supplier can provide you with steam tables, heat lamps, proofing cabinets and carts and so much more.

4. Ice machines.

Ice machines come in a variety of types and styles. Ice crushers, ice shavers, ice dispensers and more can all be included in your business operation.

5. Cooking equipment.

Broilers, fryers, grilling and broiling equipment, rice cookers and steamers can all be sourced from a full-service restaurant equipment supplier.

6. Work tables and stations.

Stainless steel work tables are a great addition to any restaurant kitchen. They are low maintenance, easy to clean and durable pieces of equipment that will stand the test of time. Equipment stands allow you to move your equipment around the kitchen as needed and to create more workspace where necessary.

7. Beverage equipment.

You’re going to need a diverse range of beverage equipment in your restaurant in order to meet the customers needs. Blenders, coffee machines, milkshake machines, juicers, tea kettles and everything in between are sure to keep your customers happy.

8. Commercial sinks, plumbing and faucets.

Hand sinks, janitorial sinks, sink bowls and power wash sinks can all make your restaurant run smoother by providing you with a steady flow of clean equipment and dishes. Eyewash faucets, pre-rinse faucets and spray valves also make life easier.

9. Tablewares, small wares and more.

Your restaurant won’t be complete without the required dishwares, table equipment, glasses, cutlery and the wide array of other items that customers take for granted.

A reputable food equipment company can provide everything listed above and more. They can work with you to design and plan your restaurant and help you understand exactly what type of equipment you’re going to need.

Ask them what financing options are available, find out if they offer leasing services, and what kind of warranty they provide. Can they service the equipment you buy? Can they customize your design? Do they offer in-house project management to help you get your restaurant built? How much experience do they have and how can they help you build the best restaurant possible?

Don’t be afraid to check references and talk to some of the company’s other clients about the level of service and their personal experiences. You’re going to be spending a lot of money to set up your restaurant, so make sure you’re happy with the supplier before making that commitment.

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