7 Famous Vietnamese Food That You Will Love Eating

Choosing a variety of food could be the ideal way to add more spice to your life. There are all types of cuisines for you to put on your plate. One of the tastiest options you can add to your day may be Vietnamese food. Many of these local Vietnam dishes offer a unique taste and can allow you to enjoy the flavour of this cuisine.

You’re likely to enjoy your Vietnamese dishes when you know the right ones to choose. You’ll want to pick the best foods that are full of flavour and offer all the nutrients your body will need. After all, it’s always important to find effective ways to put a bit of spice in your day.

There are many types of famous Vietnamese food to choose from, and we recommend the seven following items:

1. Pho

One of the more famous Vietnamese food that you can find with ease is likely to be Pho. When you travel to the country of Vietnam, you’ll be able to walk down most any street and see this tasty food.

Pho isn’t anything amazingly complicated but is delicious. It’s one of the staples when it comes to Vietnamese food choices.

This dish has noodles, broth and offers a salty taste. Adding a variety of herbs, soup or chicken to it may help add even more flavour to this fantastic dish.

2. Cha ca

Are you ready to enhance your day with a Vietnamese dish that is easy to spell and tastes great?  If so, you’ll want to give Cha ca a good try.

If you love fish and want to add it to your day selecting a plate of Cha ca can be the ideal thing to do. You’ll find ginger, garlic and other tasty spices in this fantastic meal.

There’s little doubt you may want to go back for seconds when it comes to this tasty and tantalizing food.

3. Cao lou

Do you love pork and want to give Vietnamese food a try? You may want to get a plate of Cao lou if this sounds like something you’d enjoy.

Cao lou offers a tangy flavour that is certain to appease any appetite. There are some of the thickest noodles you’ll find in this dish and many herbs that do allow you to love all it offers.

4. Goi Cuon

If you’re looking for a lighter option for your Vietnamese meal of choice, you may want to give Goi cuon a try. This offers much fewer calories and is sure to appease any appetite.

You’ll never be bored with this dish, and you can watch your calories when consuming it.  Goi cuon are spring rolls that are loaded with the good stuff and not much of the bad.

5. Ga tan

Are you living with the sniffles during the summer months? If so, this can be less than ideal and may rob you of a higher quality of life.

It may be time to add some broth to your day to help you feel better shortly. If this is the case, you’ll want to consider a bowl or two of Ga tan strongly.

This could be the best chicken soup you’ve had in a very long time. You’ll be feeling much better when you choose to eat this soup when not feeling well. It’s sure to help you get rid of your sniffles and feel better in no time at all.

6. Xoi

If you’re after a more filling meal, you want to consider having a plate of Xoi. Doing this is  likely to get rid of any hunger pains fast.

This is a large Vietnamese dish may have you wanting to take a long nap after eating it. You’ll find dried shallots with chicken, pork, and fried or preserved eggs.

You may want to start with one serving and work your way help to a more significant portion. This is an ideal dish to eat on cold and rainy nights when you intend to stay in and relax.

7. Chao

If you’re looking for famous Vietnamese food that’s a bit on the lighter side, you may want to choose Chao. This is a tasty dish that isn’t that heavy and would make a good lunch meal.

Chao is simply a thick rice porridge. You may choose to eat it as it is or add other items to it. For instance, putting chicken, fish or beef in this dish can help bulk it up a bit if this is what you’re interested in doing. Adding the right type, meat and flavours could be the key to getting the ultimate results you’d like to have.

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