6 Tips & Tricks to Plan the Perfect Dinner Party

Are you the type that would love to host a dinner party with your friends but aren’t quite sure you’ve got what it takes to be a great host? There’s no secret that hosting a dinner party is a lot of work, and obviously you want to be sure all your guests are having fun and feel comfortable. While there is no secret to success when it comes to dinner parties, there are some planning tips that you can take into account that will help ensure the evening goes smoothly.

So before you go ahead and host your first dinner party, here are the top six tips and tricks that you can make use of that will transform you into the ultimate dinner party host.

1. Give Thought to Your Menu

There are a lot of elements that go into a great dinner party, but let’s face it – the star is usually the menu. Putting thought into the food and drinks that you serve will help ensure that everyone has a fabulous time and feels satisfied with the evening.

Rather than just picking random foods, it’s a good idea to start by asking if your guests have any food allergies or special requests. For example, maybe your guests are vegetarian, in which case you don’t want to go and cook a giant pot roast. Once you rule out what you can’t serve, it will make it easier for you to decide on which dishes will work.

It’s also important to give thought to the drinks you’ll be serving. Spend a little extra time choosing the type of quality red wines and white wines you will serve, making sure it pairs well with the meal. Ideally you want to offer both red and white wine, and it’s a nice touch to offer a couple varieties of each.

2. Send Out Invites Well in Advance

Of course it’s pretty difficult to host a successful dinner party if nobody shows up, which is why you want to send your invite out well in advance. Be sure to include an RSVP date so that you can plan to have enough food for the amount of guests who will attend.

3. Add Décor to the Table

Rather than just set the table like you would on an everyday basis, it’s a nice touch to add décor. This could mean fresh flowers, items that reflect the particular season or holiday, name card holders, etc. You are trying to create a whole atmosphere, so décor will certainly help you out.

4. Do as Much In Advance as Possible

Another tip is to prepare and do as much in advance of the party as possible. You want to be able to mingle with your guests and enjoy the evening, rather than ignore them while you slave away in the kitchen. Prepare ingredients in advance such as washing and chopping, set the table, have appetizers ready to serve the moment people get there, and make sure beverages and glasses are also within reach.

5. Keep Ambiance in Mind

The final tip is to keep the ambiance in mind. This means lighting candles or using soft lighting, have relaxing music playing in the background, ensure the house is tidy, and make sure that there is plenty of seating so everyone feels welcome right from the start.

6. A Recipe for Success

Each of these tips acts as a recipe for success when it comes to hosting the ultimate dinner party. The very best piece of advice though is to always keep your guests’ needs in mind so that you keep them happy and ensure they are having a great time all evening long.

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