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Today we are pleased to welcome Rhythm of the Home sponsors Crafting Connections here to the blog. Read on to find out more about Danielle and Andrea, the creative women behind Crafting Connections, and about the lovely magazine that they publish together.

Andrea and Danielle - Crafting Connections

Tell us a bit about Crafting Connections:

Crafting Connections is a magazine and website dedicated to providing you with the tools and inspiration for raising creative children, while learning a bit about yourself as well along the way. We believe in crafting an authentic, connected, and creative life through the act of making. We publish a quarterly creative magazine for little ones and their grown-ups, as well as smaller limited-run magazines (our current one is Road Trip). We also offer subscriptions and other products to help you craft your creative life.

Crafting Connections began in early 2012 as a simple email between friends Andrea and Danielle. Our own children were toddlers and young-preschoolers at the time, and we noticed a real void when it came to finding simple, engaging child-led crafts and quality creative magazines for young children. Additionally, as parents ourselves, we know first-hand of the overwhelming pressures of modern-day motherhood. In many ways mothers are led to believe we are somehow failing (psst…you’re not!) – we wanted to help set fellow mothers up for success: encouraging confidence in connecting with our children and in leading our own creative lives.

Crafting Connections Celebrate Summer Issue
What inspired you to begin your work? What keeps you motivated today?
Creative souls ourselves, we were looking for a way to foster our toddlers budding creativity. Wading through the sea of inpsiration – we didn’t quite find what we were looking for. We wanted a set of well-curated projects that encouraged parents and children to make together. We wanted projects that were open-ended, allowing children and grown-ups to move beyond what they saw. We wanted our children to be inspired by rich photographs and beautiful words. We never did find quite what we were looking for, so we made it ourselves. A quarterly themed-magazine filled with images, projects, poetry and inspiration perfect for little ones and grown-ups to explore together.
We continue to be inspired and motivated by our little ones and their continual desire to make and explore. We are inspired and motivated to come up with projects they love, and that your little ones will love too.

Crafting Connections Road Trip Travel Magazine

What is the most rewarding part of being a part of Crafting Connections?

The rewarding part of our business is twofold. First, Crafting Connections is centered around creating and connecting with children – we feel so lucky to be able to do this with our little ones. To create these fun and engaging projects, to ask the questions and hear their imaginative answers, to create these memories and help shape these creative childhoods. It’s wonderful, really.The second rewarding part is one that people don’t see as much – it is working with a close friend. Danielle and I have gone through such a learning curve together over the past year (and are continuing to learn constantly) that our relationship has really been both tested and strengthened. We have a deep trust and mutual admiration, which is lovely. But the very best part comes in those moments when we get to put aside all the nitty-gritty business stuff and just get creative. It’s exciting and energizing and just plain fun. It is a true reward.
Crafting Connections Story Stones

How do you balance being a business owner with being a parent?

{Danielle} I can’t say that I have really achieved balance, and to be quite frank, I don’t really strive for it anymore. Actually I find that having these different hats – artist, business owner, parent – allows me to flit between each as the moods (or inspiration) wax and wane. Sometimes I’ll go through a particularly large fit of inspiration – then you’ll find me donning my artist cap and sketching, carving, implementing, making. Sometimes I’ll be particularly inspired in the business-realm – then you’ll find me networking, seeking out advertising opportunities, connecting. I flit through each as the mood strikes. That’s the closest I come to balance.

{Andrea} For me, often times these things go hand-in-hand. The artist in me is integral – I feel that I bring it into whatever I do – whether that is parenthood, relationships, work, and so on. The moments in my life when I wasn’t creatively connected have been sad times, so as I’ve had children I’ve remained very cognizant of that aspect of my personality and have always found ways to create in some way. As for being a business owner and parent (and wife and friend…), I feel very lucky, actually. I’ve been able to meet so many other creative & inspiring individuals, and form wonderful relationships and friendships, which go far beyond just networking. I am also grateful that the core of our business allows me to play and connect with my little ones. I try to keep the times when I am writing or doing layout to parts of the day when my kids are sleeping or having their quiet time. Because my husbands job is very intense, I am also very protective of our family time. For me, having these boundaries allow me to both be very focused and efficient when I am working, and when I’m not, it allows me to enjoy my family without much worry or stress. As for housework, well, there’s always tomorrow (ha ha!)

Thanks to Danielle and Andrea for sharing with us today! And, ROTH families can receive a 20% discount on all issues (both print and digital) of Crafting Connections between now and July 31st. Simply enter ROTHLOVE at checkout.

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